The wonders of Southern Italy – be prepared

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This is another side of Italy that you only see on travel channels and magazines. But before you travel, there are a few items that you must keep in mind to enjoy your stay.

For starters, learning basic phrases should be for anywhere you travel in the world. Although technology has given us the chance to quickly search for phrases to use, learning some before you actually travel is a good idea. So, for your trip to the south of Italy, do not neglect to learn phrases to ask for directions, please and thank you, as well as asking the price of items. Knowing some Italian will make you wiser, so you avoid situations where you overpay or underpay for an item all because of a misunderstanding.

Although you might encounter English speakers, the locals might respect your effort in learning which could lead to pleasant surprises. Learning the language will also be helpful when it comes to public transportation, whether you are taking a bus, train or tram. This is because you will need to validate your ticket, so authorities know you are not using the same ticket to ride multiple times. If you are caught on the wrong side of this adventure, you might be kicked off the transport with no idea where you are or pay a massive fine.

In case you did not know, Italy has cobblestone streets and narrow streets so the sensible thing to do is wear comfortable shoes, so you do not need a foot massage every night. You can wear sneakers or tennis should be more than enough to look fashionable yet comfortable in a new and unfamiliar place. Now that you understand what waits ahead, you can start planning appropriately. But with Touring Abruzzo to assist, you will be able to get a private tour of this beautiful hidden gem in Southern Italy.