Why Have a Vacation In Italy?

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To come to Italy is the dream of many. Australians are great travelers and Italy and France are on the top of their list for their European vacation.

Italy’s 20 regions are so diverse from north, central and southern Italy.

The grand tour to Italy almost always includes the obligatory stops in Rome, Florence and Venice. To see these great historic cities are a must, however with it comes many crowds and tourists and queues of people waiting to see the same places.. People holding guide books and iphones, reading the same notes, pushing to see similar sights, it can often be daunting.


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If you travel off the beaten track and east of Rome towards the Apennines and the Adriatic Coast you will get to Abruzzo.  A region which has everything you dream of for an Italian vacation… minus the crowds.


Here are some reasons why Abruzzo has it all:


Book Your Next Trip To Italy – Visit Abruzzo:

Abruzzo has so much to offer from National parks, great Mediterranean coastline and beaches, ancient hilltop villages harbouring traditions and cultures as well as a great variety of cuisine.

Here you can immerse yourself in the freshest air, live like a local and meet real Italians who will welcome you with a smile.


Italy Vacations – Hike Abruzzo:

A region in Italy with 3 National Parks is quite unheard of.  Abruzzo is truly the green heart of Italy and being only 3 hrs east of Rome, you can be a world away hiking in the spectacular Gran Sasso National Park where the highest peak of the Apennines looms.

It is a sanctuary for wildlife such as chamois, wolves, bears, royal eagles and otters.


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Italy Tour Packages – Eat Abruzzo:

Indulge in wonderful traditional dishes rarely seen on tourist menus. Menus only written in Italian or restaurants with no menus at all, just what is fresh on the day. The Slow Food tradition is alive and well and food travels only kilometres to arrive at the table. Exquisite truffles abound here and after a private truffle hunt you can indulge in an excellent truffle degustation. Our Italy vacation packages include the finest Italian food so that you can indulge in the tastes of traditional Italian dishes.


Italy Vacation Packages – Drink Abruzzo:

The Abruzzo region is one of the top 5 producers of wine in Italy.

Here you can meet the producers and visit the winemakers and enjoy fine Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red wine. Included in our Italy vacation packages is tasting the finest wines from traditional Italian winemakers.

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Vacation Abruzzo Italy – Explore Abruzzo Italy:

Abruzzo needs to be explored- wonderful secrets need to be discovered which often lie behind closed doors.

To meet a cheesemaker making great pecorino sheep’s milk cheeses, to cook Italian food with a local Abruzzese lady in her home or to meet a goldsmith  who creates great pieces in gold filigree are all waiting to be experienced. Book a vacation in Italy today with Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours.


Italy Travel Packages – Photograph Abruzzo:

With 65% of this mountain region boasting hilltop villages and the perfect backdrop of the Apennines it is a photographer’s paradise.

The quiet alleyways, ancient churches and stunning countryside dotted with olive groves and vineyards are all images of real country Italy. We make sure that you visit these cultural areas in our exclusive Italy travel packages.


Tour Abruzzo Italy:

In Abruzzo English is not widely spoken and travelling to Abruzzo is not about ticking off historical sites and buildings but immersing yourself in the real Italy which is not always accessible to the mainstream tourist. However for those discerning travellers Touring Abruzzo with Luciana offers a truly up close and personal insight into an authentic Italy.