Unusual Yet Fun Things To Never Miss Out On In Abruzzo

The region of Abruzzo may be a hidden gem in Italy, but that does not mean there are no fun activities to be a part of. There are beautiful national parks, breathtaking lakes and ancient castles to explore. However, that is not all Abruzzo has to offer. Touring Abruzzo is the perfect tour guide to show you around the region and ensure you get the best for your trip. If you want to learn why you should never miss a sensational tour of Italy, here are three activities you will be dying to try out:

Grape Harvesting

Some of the best wines in the world have their origin in Italy and Abruzzo is known as the seventh most productive region. One of the fun activities to participate during Autumn is learning how to pick grapes with the locals in wine farms and pick up about the ancient process that goes into making wine.  You can visit the wine cellars and enjoy wine tasting.

Olive Harvesting

What better way than to immerse yourself in Italian and Abruzzo culture than joining in the fun of harvesting olives. You will be able to visit some olive oil mills in the region and tour olive groves and assist in the harvest while learning about the different equipment and the secrets of olive oil production. During the tour, you will learn the differences between olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil, and there will be plenty of chances for some olive tasting.

Truffle Hunting

Ever wondered why truffles, the underground fungus high in nutrients is expensive? It is because of the difficulty in farming them, but you can learn this and more in Abruzzo. Truffles can be farmed in specific soil which is rich in calcium, found in tree roots and on the coast, where they grow. Many don’t know the region is the largest producer of the fungus in the country, including white truffle, black truffle and scorzone, in various percentages. Farmers use trained dogs to find the truffles Because of the difficulty, farms have been established on land comprising of a region and three national parks.  

Has your interest in the Abruzzo region been piqued? If you want to go truffle hunting, harvest some olives and grapes and so much more, then contact Touring Abruzzo today. They have a team who understand the region inside out and will take you on amazing tours. Visit their website for more details, you won’t regret it.