Two Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Abruzzo

Are you looking for a unique country to travel with your partner for a honeymoon? Then there are plenty of romantic cities and towns to visit, but you’d have to elbow some tourists out of the way. It is because these cities are huge tourist attractions. Although Italy is one of the most popular destinations to travel, they have beautiful regions that are “unspoiled” by tourists and still offer romantic spots you and your partner can enjoy. Abruzzo is one such region, and while it is not popular, it is a hidden gem in Italy that offers the best of what Rome, Venice and Milan. We have put together two examples to explain better the most romantic spots in the Abruzzo region you have to visit.

Visit The Majestic Lake Scanno

What can enchant a couple and get the romance sizzling than a trip to the lake that is shaped like a heart? Found in the L’Aquila province, it is the most visited lake in the region and on its southern shore, there is the village of Scanno, and the village of  Villalago is found on its northern shore. A couple can admire the heart-shaped lake or swim together in its crystal clear water, but that is not all Scanno has to offer. You can spend quality time riding a bicycle on the track or even ride horses in the surrounding mountains.

 A Kiss At The Rocca Calascio Fortress

Built in the 10th century for military purposes, the fortress of Rocca Calascio is a castle that has an elevation of 1,460 meters (4,790 ft) and is known as the highest fortress in the Apennines. The Rocco Calascio has been used to film scene for numerous Hollywood movies such as The Name of the Rose, The American and Ladyhawke because its position allows for breathtaking views that can be romantic.

Abruzzo is a beautiful region that is perfect for a honeymoon. There are plenty of romantic areas where a couple can lovingly sightsee and be inspired to make their love stronger. You can make your honeymoon one never to forget, contact Touring Abruzzo. They are an experienced travel agency in Abruzzo that know the region and offer affordable packages for couples, families and large groups. Their tour guides have an abundance of experience showing off the beauty of Abruzzo. For more information on Touring Abruzzo, contact them or visit their website.