Planning Your Trip to Italy With Touring Abruzzo

Planning your trip to Italy is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the best of this amazing country. It makes sense then that you would choose the best possibly locations such as Abruzzo, Puglia and Basilicata for your trip.

This is why the Italy tour packages that we offer focus on these areas, bringing you to destinations that have been long enshrined in history, but still offer a more modern experience as well. Our packages include a local English-speaking guide who is completely familiar with the area so that they are able to take you to all of Italy’s best kept secrets, yet able to understand any special needs or requests that you may have as well.

Italy tour packages

In the Abruzzo, Puglia and Basilicata regions, there are countless great opportunities to make your Italy vacations become memories to last a lifetime. Everything from great food to amazing sights are all on offer, with great prices to match. These regions are historical and aren’t overrun with other tourists, so you get to see a true glimpse into the lives of modern Italians, while showing parallels to the ways that they have lived for thousands of years.

Normally, Italy vacation packages only focus on the most popular areas of a city, but when you have your trip to Italy with us we focus on the incredible sights that have been kept a secret from tourists. We strive to give you the same experience that a local has, showing off everything that each region and city has to offer. Whether you are interested in culture, food, wine, or architecture, you won’t be disappointed in your trip to Italy and the time that you spend there.

One of the unique things that we can offer in these regions as part of our Italy tour packages is traditional Italian village life. We can take you into a village, show you how everyone lives, let you live among them, and help you make friends that will last for a lifetime. This isn’t an experience that you can get in Rome or Florence, and it isn’t one that can be emulated while staying in hostels or touring in large groups. Instead, this is a true look into the everyday life of people living in this area, so make sure to visit with Touring Abruzzo when you plan a trip to Italy.

We also offer unique food and wine tasting tours and completely customisable trips to see, taste, hear, and experience everything that you have ever wanted to see in whilst on your trip to Italy. Our Italy vacations are tailored to your needs. So, if your passion is history, culture, food, travel, nature, or architecture, or you just want to explore the true Italy, contact us to talk about our range of Italy vacation packages and plan the trip of a lifetime!


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