Do you know what an APE is? No not the hairy creature which eats bananas… but the cute form of 3 wheeled transport seen almost all over Italy in the country and farm areas and in villages.
The ‘Ape’ scooter with a trailer was designed by PIAGGIO in the after war period in 1948. The design of the Vespa and the APE was actually be an Abruzzese – Corradino D’Ascanio –  an engineer from Popoli village.
As a means of cheap transport for the Italian population, those who could not afford a 4 wheeled vehicle –  it was initially a Vespa scooter with a wooden trailer attached at the back. They were made in 50cc, 125 cc and today also in 175 cc.

Now many travellers who visit Italy have a love story with the cute APE or L’APETTO as it is affectionately called.
Here are some of my photo collection of APETTO’s in Abruzzo:

APE in ABRUZZO:  Which one do you like?