Reconnect. Relive. Remember your family in Abruzzo.

Heritage, Ancestral, Genealogy Services in Abruzzo

You will have the opportunity of a lifetime, to visit your ancestral village and retrace your family’s origins including a private meeting with the local mayor and a visit to the town hall with the registry with records of births, deaths and marriages. We visit the local cemetery and meet with locals or family from the village with many stories to tell of the past…

Have you always dreamed of where your grandparents came from in Abruzzo Italy?

Of the village or town life, they lived, of their traditions and stories?

Read on to find out more about our “Heritage and Genealogy Services in Abruzzo“.


About The Tour

Touring Abruzzo will help you with your Italian genealogy and heritage search for your long lost family in Abruzzo Italy.

There is extensive prior research required before your arrival in Abruzzo, central Italy where we visit your village and connect with the local authorities, local people to help us piece together history and a story of your family.

Perhaps we can find out where they lived and what they did. Also  If you have any living relatives of your family we may be able to contact them beforehand as well and arrange to meet up with them on the day and help to retrace the ancestral home or place.

Apart from the heritage research the local history, architecture and food traditions are studied which add a cultural and gastronomical focus to the visit. Depending on time, season and availability one can meet local producers of pecorino sheep cheese, wine and olive oil producers in the nearby area… If there are any festivals in the village at the time of your arrival we will have researched that as well and attempt to include these experiences as well.


Why Touring Abruzzo?

Luciana is of Abruzzese origin (Italo-Australian) and has deep ties to her Abruzzese heritage and has an extensive network of family, friends and locals. Speaking fluent English and Italian, as well as the regional Abruzzese dialect, language is not a barrier. Personalised and professional services are guaranteed as well as her attention to detail is assured.

There have been many stories of people going to their village independently and not finding a thing or arriving only to find the town hall closed and not one person to communicate with as English is hardly spoken in this part of Italy. They are unable to connect in a meaningful way, speak no Italian or the local dialect. This is where Luciana, along with her team of professionals have vast experience and with their great network of local people in the community are able to connect with her people and make the whole experience in Abruzzo unique…

Luciana and her team will provide you with an experience of a lifetime to reconnect with your ancestral village, relive the story and immerse into the local culture with memories to last a lifetime…

Luciana and her professional team have taken many guests over the years to rediscover their ancestral heritage in Abruzzo.
If you wish, we can put you in touch with our past guests who have used our services. They would be more than happy to talk with you!



Here are some of the villages we have researched client’s genealogy and heritage over the past 14 years:

Alfedena, Alanno, Capestrano, Caramanico Terme, Casalbordino, Casoli, Castellalto, Castiglione Messer Marino, Chieti, Civitella del Tronto, Civitella Messer Raimondo, Collecorvino, Fara San Martino, Furci, Giuliano Teatino, Guardiagrele, Introdacqua, Morro D’Oro, Mosciano Sant’Angelo, Ortucchio, Nereto, Notaresco, Palombaro, Penne, Pescara, Pescosansonesco, Pettorano sul Gizio, Picciano, Pratola Peligna, Ripa Teatina, Roccaraso, Roseto degli Abruzzi, San Demetrio ne Vestini, Sant’Eufemia a Maiella, San Vito Chietino, Scerni, Spoltore,  Sulmona, Tufillo, Villamagna….

MOLISE: Agnone, Capistrello, Rionero Sannitico

There is a prior research fee – Cost on application.

There is a fee for the private day tour – Cost on application. Includes: Private transport with driver/English speaking guide; visit to your village; morning coffee; 3 – 4 course traditional Abruzzo lunch, including wines and liqueurs; any entry fees; other activities time permitting (choice of visits to a winery, olive oil tasting, village market, museum, cooking session or visit a castle or fortress)

Family Groups/Parties: if you have a family group coming, you may like to have your own private 4, 8 or 10 day tour (see Abruzzo tours) and include your ancestral village visit.

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