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‘GRAND TOUR of ABRUZZO’ Tour (10 days)

The extraordinary beauty of Abruzzo awaits you on this special Grand Tour. Enjoy the stunning scenery of the Apennines as we travel through the three National Parks of Abruzzo and visit wonderful hilltop villages…
and only 3 hours from Rome experience the best of Italy.

Read on to find out more about our “Grand Tour of Abruzzo“.



Over the 10 days, experience the art of living the Dolce Vita as you immerse yourself in traditional Italian village life and embrace the warmth of the Abruzzese people.
You will travel through northern, central and southern Abruzzo, indulge in exquisite food and wines and dine in amazing restaurants with its traditional specialties. Enjoy a private truffle hunt amongst hazelnut and oak woods followed by a truffle degustation menu.



Abruzzo is still off the main tourist radar and has so much to  offer from the Adriatic coastline to the rugged Apennine Mountains. You will meet local artisans who are passionate to share with you their work with bobbin lace, ceramics, wrought iron and gold filigree work. Uncrowded and silent you can explore timeless treasures, hidden monasteries, fortresses and castles. The real Italy is right here. This is a fully escorted, all inclusive small group tour (no more than 12 guests…ever) and will be led by Luciana.



  • All inclusive travel within Abruzzo, central Italy – all  meals and drinks with meals
  • Exclusive small group travel – no more than 12 guests
  • Fully escorted and personalised travel with LUCIANA and guides- Abruzzo specialist and English speaking guides
  • Tours depart from Rome Termini Station
  • Beautiful accommodation – stay in boutique hotels & B&B’s with charm
  • All entry fees/activities included
  • Private Cooking Class with ingredients, tuition, recipes and souvenir Touring Abruzzo apron
  • Private Truffle Hunting with dogs and degustation lunch
  • Private Olive Oil Tasting & visit to an artisan Cheesemaker
  • Travel Abruzzo at a quiet and leisurely pace, with time to relax and unwind
  • Experience true and authentic village life in Abruzzo – enjoy the rich traditions
  • Share the passion with Luciana for all things Italian – that only a local can offer

June 3 – 12, 2018 (10 days)  Places filling for 2018

September 17 -26, 2018 (10 days)



You will be met this morning by Luciana, your Abruzzo specialist, at Rome Termini station with an airconditioned private minibus to transfer you to Abruzzo. Crossing the Apennines, we will stop for morning tea at the tiny hilltop village of Cocullo, where you experience a typical Sunday morning in Abruzzo. Driving through stunning scenery of fertile vineyards and olive groves we arrive at the southern seaside town of San Vito which will be our base for the next 3 nights.  Inhabited since pre -Roman times, this ancient town has many layers of history and architecture.


DAY 2: TUFILLO village: Artisan Baker, Jeweller and Salumi Maker

This morning we make our way inland to the small hilltop village of Tufillo in southern Abruzzo, near the Molise border. Admire the village’s panorama and churches and generally soak up the local village atmosphere.  Meet Dino, the local baker, who along with his wife Antonella will delight you with their passion for making speciality breads and pizzas and pastries. Lunch today will be an alfresco picnic style lunch outside the village bakery…immerse yourself in true village Italy with the locals. Later, a private visit to an artisan goldsmith is a must as she creates fine jewellery using traditional motifs.
Admire the delightful panorama to the Adriatic sea over your evening sunset  drinks on the  terrace of the hotel in San Vito.  Onto a local enoteca bar with a fabulous selection of regional wines, the perfect place for a light supper.



Today we travel inland to Fara San Martino, nestled in the Maiella National Park. These mountains have been known since ancient times as the Montagna Madre–  the grand protectress of shepherds, hermits, monks and place of ancient cults of worship by the pre-Roman tribes, the Italics. Enjoy a short walk into the gorge and see recently completed archeological excavations come to light – a 9th century Benedictine monastery. Stunning views to Luciana’s village of Palombaro where we stay for lunch in the local trattoria. Leonardo will serve us a 3 course lunch including the pasta specialty vraghe de mule accompanied by the perfect Montepulciano D’Abruzzo wine. After lunch, Luciana’s family and friends welcome you to the village as we stroll through the quiet streets and share stories of times gone by…


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