MEET FABIO – your tour escort in Puglia and Basilicata.
Touring Southern Italy.
Born in Lecce, Puglia – Fabio is an archeologist has always had the passion for art and history. Working in this field he has had the possibility to travel extensively (Egypt, Romania, Italy) but he mainly works in his own region of Puglia, the place he loves the most. Fabio is ready to share with you his passion and knowledge of this beautiful region. Be prepared to take in breath-taking landscapes, great traditional food of Puglia, full bodied wines, cities of unexpected beauty and unforgettable experiences. Touring Southern Italy, Touring Puglia has never been easier with such a tour guide.
Fabio speaks fluent Italian and English and he will be your driver/guide during your stay in Puglia where you will feel as part of his extended family. He has joined Luciana’s team in the last 2 years and bring you the best of Puglia and Basilicata as you travel on the path less travelled…

Photo from Museo di Alezio site
Currently as an archeologist, he is the curator of a wonderful archeological museum in the Lecce province. He has catalogued and researched the history of the local pre Roman peoples, the Messapi. Through the necropolis and tombs found dating back from the 6th – 2nd  century BC – beautiful ceramics, bronzes and gold jewellery have come to light.
Meeting local artisans in to of the way towns…Confetti producers here!
Together we have discovered wonderful artisans  who create wonders with bread, confetti or sugared almonds.. We have met passionate jewellers, chocolatiers, paper mache’ artisan Claudio, even fabulous artisan weavers who are reviving ancient looms with traditional Pugliese designs. I bought a rug (red and white wool) a couple of years ago and it is one of my most prized possesions!
Connecting with local artisans and found great treasures – local weavers in Puglia.
All part of the research…where to take guests for morning coffee!
On research mission with Fabio – Discovering the beauty of OTRANTO in southern Puglia
On a field trip researching the hidden and lost village of CRACO, Basilicata.
It is so good that I have found Fabio and we work together as a great team bringing ideas, experience, knowledge and above all passion to show our guests true village Italy and lesser known but great gems off the beaten track.
We have developed 4,8 and 10 day tour programmes which cover just Puglia, just Basilicata and now a combined 10 day journey featuring the best of Abruzzo/ Puglia/Basilicata!