Six Trip Advice That Should Be Taken When Touring Abruzzo

Every now and again, we need that perfect holiday to get away from it all. Get away from our hectic and stressful lives, get away from being stuck for hours in endless traffic to and from work, get away from people we know and our nosey neighbour. 

There is nothing wrong taking time off to wander off into the sunset at some exotic holiday destination to get much-needed rest to recharge your batteries. As the adage says, “all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy”. 

To feel rejuvenated, you have to go somewhere new. Such a place needs to have all the holiday’s ‘must-haves’, and Abruzzo in Italy is that perfect holiday destination. Abruzzo has a unique set of customs and your experience of this heaven on earth will be further enhanced when you have some local knowledge and insights. 

Below are our useful tips so  you can “do what the Romans do in Rome”;

1) Greet Everyone With Two Kisses

Italians are the most affectionate people, who will not hold back in bursting into your personal space to say hello. When meeting someone, you greet them with two kisses, one each cheek regardless of age gender and how well you know them. Greeting someone with two kisses in Italy is common, and anything less will look very awkward.

2) Do Not Order A Cappuccino After 11 am

A cappuccino is regarded as a breakfast drink in Italy. It is advisable not to order it after 11 am, especially with a meal, or you will be looked at as either weird or you had a huge night out and you just from waking up.

3) Enjoy A Mid-Afternoon Riposino

During summer, it is a norm for shops to close at lunchtime. The reason for this is that everyone is escaping the stifling noon heat to hide from the sun during the days hottest hours. So, at noon remember to a “riposino”, a nap, and by 4 pm you stand a better chance of finding shops open.

4) Do Not Put Ketchup On Your Pasta Or Pizza

One of the worst things you can do to deflate an Italian chef’s ego is to ask for ketchup in a restaurant. You can get away with putting ketchup on a burger or fries, but using it on pasta or pizza is a cardinal sin that will be met with disapproving nods from people at nearby tables. 

5) Start Your Day With A Sweet Breakfast

If you are used to starting your day with a mean greasy breakfast or just plain cereal, then in Italy you will begin your day on a sweet note. A classic Italian breakfast is a sweet pastry, with coffee or cappuccino and occasionally orange juice. You will not get a savoury breakfast at your hotel or restaurant, so your only option is heading to the nearest bar and order “un cafe” to drink at the counter with a croissant and orange juice.

6) Only Drink Water, Wine Or Beer With Your Meals

The most common drinks that will accompany your meal will always be water, beer or wine. Several restaurants do not serve cocktails. Children can be excused and can drink sodas with their meals. However, as an adult, you should not opt for a soda as it seems you are covering up the taste of the meal, while water allows you to savour and enjoy your meal.

Planning your perfect holiday does not need to feel like mission impossible. Not only will Touring Abruzzo plan your holiday according to your needs, but we will also guide you on how to live like the locals. Contact us today!