Fried bread crostini with anchovy and capers.
This is a great for entertaining as you can prepare it in advance. I have made this recipe in one of my cooking classes, a real hit!
Serve with a lovely crisp white wine. In Abruzzo the choice would be a trebbiano or a pecorino wine!
For 6 people:
12 slices of stale bread (ie day old sourdough baguette)
12-15 anchovy fillets
12-24 pickled capers (or salted capers and rinsed thoroughly)
Egg Batter: 2 med. beaten eggs
olive oil for frying
Method: Dip the bread in the beaten egg and salt and fry in pan with heated olive oil.
When golden drain on absorbent paper and cool. Set aside.
Anchovy and Capers: Spread each slice with a little butter then place in the centre a caper wrapped in the anchovy fillet.
OR as I prefer, finely chop the anchovy and capers and spread on the bread.