Tastes Of Puglia

Experience southern Italy at its best with small group journeys. (4/8/10 days) May - October

Back Roads Of Puglia

Experience southern Italy at its best with small group journeys. (4/8/10 days) May - October

Treasures Of Puglia

Puglia - the pleasures of the Mediterranean and the warmth of the people await... 'TREASURES OF PUGLIA' Tour (10 days)

Treasures Of The South

See the best of Italy's south - both magic and mysterious. 'TREASURES OF THE SOUTH' Tour (10 days) The extraordinary

Private Day Tours

Choose from a range of Day Tours available throughout Abruzzo. Private basis only.

Here’s Your Ticket To Tour Puglia, Italy

When you think of Italy, you probably only think of it’s main trio of Italian cities – Rome, Florence and Venice, but Italy has so much more to offer than the standard tours. Some of the best tours of Italy can be found tucked away in the countryside such as Puglia, an authentic Italian region in southern Italy without the huge throngs of tourists that flock from Australia and US. Here at Touring Abruzzo Italy tours, we offer our travellers the chance to truly immerse themselves into the Italian way of life with gourmet food, Italian wine and historical and cultural sites.

Each of our tours is catered towards small groups of no more than 12 guests so that each person can enjoy a more intimate experience of Italy and all it has to offer in Italy travel packages. With  our local tour guide Fabio, an archaeologist who is so well versed about the history of and traditions of his native Puglia region of Italy.

The ‘Back Roads of Puglia’ tour offer some of our best tours of southern Italy, blending slow travel with slow food so that you can enjoy traditional Italian food at small family owned restaurants while strolling the alleyways and  streets filled with jewellery, clothes and shoes crafted by Italian artisans.

We also offer a 4 day tour that focuses completely on some of the best foods and cultural sites that Puglia has to offer. You spend 4 days and 3 nights at the same hotel so you that you are not rushed everywhere and to make ensure you have a true Italian experience, each restaurant serves up cuisine only found in this region of Italy with some providing cooking classes for the discerning traveller.

If you want an ever more intimate tour of southern Italy in Puglia, we can create a personalised tour for you and your group to get the best tour of Italy during your holiday with private day tours throughout the Puglia region. You can start with exploring a medieval castle, then a local artisan cheesemaker and end the day with a true Italian winery where you can understand the Italian wine making process.

When you choose Abruzzo Italy Tours, you choose a unique adventure that wraps you into the Italian lifestyle that goes at your pace and caters to exactly what you want out of your holiday. Over the last 14 year we proudly offer some of the best Italy tour options since we know you want to take your time exploring and understanding the Italian lifestyle.

Of course you do not want to spend your days in lengthy queues or being pushed around in overcrowded markets, take advantage of our special Italian tour programmes today to experience slow paced, relaxing tours to Italy with one the best tour operators serving Abruzzo and the southern Italian regions.

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