PUGLIA touring 2015

Luciana has a wonderful new tour experience for you in 2015! Leading tours to Abruzzo over the last 10 years, Luciana has a wonderful group of loyal and very satisfied past guests who have returned 2 and 3 times to travel with her. So new directions, a new year and new destinations are in order!
PUGLIA is a great place to explore and for those of you who have been to Abruzzo and wish to experience more of Luciana’s hospitality then look no further. Culturally and historically Puglia has been linked to Abruzzo and it makes a wonderful extension to your Italian experience. Luciana has teamed up with Fabio, an archeologist and guide in Puglia who together have thoroughly researched and created a great and varied itinerary. 
 Luciana promises her usual attention to detail, personalised service and a truly memorable experience….when you discover Puglia with these 2 new itineraries:
“BACK ROADS OF PUGLIA” Tour ( 8 days) and  “TREASURES of PUGLIA” Tour (10 days). 
Numbers are strictly limited to no more than 12 guests only. Expressions of interest taken now.