PIZZELLE – thin crispy Olive Oil waffles


I posted this photo on my Touring Abruzzo Facebook page last week:
and amazingly it reached the most amount of followers out there, over 500! Many of the comments brought back fond food memories for those who grew up with the aroma of the pizzelle or neole or ferratelle wafting in the air…
The name for these olive oil waffles changes according to where you are from in Abruzzo!
Many have asked for the recipe so I thought I would share it with you.
I have finally perfected it as I have so many variations from my mother, my grandmother, other ladies in the village when I go back to Abruzzo. I have shared it also with many who have attended my Italian cooking classes in Brisbane. It will certainly make it in my collection of Abruzzese recipes I am putting together! It is truly a classic and a traditional Abruzzese recipe.

This recipe makes about 50 small waffles:
2 eggs (60 gr eggs)
4 heaped tbspn sugar
4 heaped tbspn extravirgin olive oil
180- 200 gr plain flour
1 tbspn PERNOD liqueur (or other i e Limoncello) or add 1 tspn aniseed in the batter
½ tspn vanilla essence

In a bowl, beat with electric beater the eggs and sugar until the sugar dissolves – beat  3- 5 minutes.
Then add the oil and beat for  a further 3 -5 minutes
Remove electric beater and fold in the vanilla, Pernod liqueur (or aniseed) and the flour by hand. Add the plain flour a little at a time until well folded in.
The batter should be thick and not runny as  you will need to push off the batter with your finger or another spoon onto the well heated waffle iron.
Heat the waffle iron, spray with olive oil spray or use pastry brush dipped in oil.
Place 1 tspn dough in the middle of the waffle iron, close and hold firmly. If dough spills out, just trim with a knife.
The waffle should take about 30 secs to cook, open and use fork to remove waffle.
The first ones may stick and not work out, clean and scrape out all pastry and re oil until they work..
Place cooked waffles on a flat surface and stack. When cool, they can snap off. Store in air tight containers as they last a long time.

WHERE TO SOURCE A WAFFLE IRON: Here we use a waffle iron which will make thin and crispy waffles, not the deep and soft waffles. In Australia, they are available from Italian stores such as this one in Melbourne:
COSTANTE IMPORTS     http://www.costanteimports.com.au/
377-379 Bell Street Preston, VIC 3072    TEL: (03) 9484 7948

Picturephoto from www.foodfamilyfinds.com

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