Not one, But Two Things Children Will Enjoy On Your Italy Vacation

Are you excited about that long-awaited trip with family and friends that’s been planned for ages and is now coming together? That vacation is long overdue, and it is time to kick back, relax and enjoy spending time tanning under the sun, getting that wonderful summer glow. However, if children are coming along on the trip, then the itinerary must accommodate them as well. You do not want to be saddled with children moaning about being bored while you’re having a drink at the side of the pool or reading a book under a tree. If you are heading to Italy for your vacation, here are two reasons they will enjoy their trip.

The Number 1 Museum And More!

Italy has a number of museums that will develop your children’s interest in science, history and the environment. However, the most popular for local and international tourists is the MUSE – Science Museum in Trento. It includes dinosaur exhibitions, a model of a real glacier, and human exhibitions that showcase science and nature-related topics using specimens, skeletons, dioramas,  interactive games, graphics and photographs. The museum is massive, stretching over six floors and annually receives more than 600,000 visitors walking through the doors. There are also other smaller museums in Italy such as the Galileo Museum in Florence, the Science and Technology Museum in Milan, the Museum of Rural Life in Berici Hills, and so much more.

Hiking With The Children

Another adventure that is sure to excite the children is experiencing the beauty of Italy’s nature. Achieve this by hiking and seeing the breathtaking hills and mountains, lakes and rivers, and valleys and waterfalls. Hike through the Excalibur Didactic Naturalistic Path, a perfect trail for new hikers. The Painted Caves of Rubbio is also an option to view the four abandoned limestone quarries which have been turned into an open-air art installation. Abruzzo, the hidden gem of Italy, has about 22 hiking trails nestled within that will leave fellow hikers breathless as they immerse themselves within the natural beauty of the region.

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