The country of Italy is a history boffin’s dream country, with all the historic art and buildings restored or kept just as they were centuries ago. That is why Abruzzo is a must for any enthusiast. But that is not all that this gem of a province is capable of offering. There is so much more to Abruzzo and without a dependable guide to lead you around, you might miss out on some amazing places and people. For Italy vacations, you can always get the assistance of Touring Abruzzo, a team who is passionate about Abruzzo and will help you fall in love with it. If you are not sure what Abruzzo may have in store for you, then read further:

  • Trabocchi Coast

When in Abruzzo, there is no excuse in not making a trip to the Trabocchi Coast. This 70-kilometre stretch of coast stretches from Ortona to San Salvo and is a UNESCO World Heritage stretch. A few coves and reefs can be found below the hills of the coast but that just one of several attractions of the coast. Make sure you do not miss the Trabocchi, a collection of fishing net structures that were used in the distant past by fisherman. They collected sea bass, sardines and anchovies without going into deep waters.

'Trabocchi' fishing structure in Abruzzo
‘Trabocchi’ fishing structure in Abruzzo
  • Historical buildings

First is the Santa Maria Della Pietà, an octagonal church that was built in the seventeenth century. This church was allegedly built by the locals, so they could show their appreciation to the Madonna for rescuing them against an attack from a group of thugs. At a higher elevation is the famed Rocca Calascio that can be found alongside the Campo Imperatore, the mountain grassland and the Gran Sasso e Monti Della Laga National Park. The Rocca Calascio is a fortress that was built as a watchtower in the tenth century and built to be impenetrable to invaders. Although it never tasted battle, the fortress was damaged in a 1461 earthquake.

Abruzzo the road less travelled in Italy
Abruzzo the road less travelled in Italy
  • Confetti

Confetti candy is sugar-coated almond candies and can be found in Sulmona. These sweets are usually designed as flowers and are made with sugar. They are given as a favour at weddings and baptisms as well as graduations. These confetti from Sulmona have also graced the tables of many of the modern royal weddings in England from Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry!

Confetti of Abruzzo
Confetti of Abruzzo

A trip to Abruzzo will broaden your horizons and learn more about what Italy is all about. Great memories await in Abruzzo… So make your bookings today.

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