“Dear Luciana,
Thanks for a wonderful 2 and half weeks in Abruzzo. After all these years hearing your stories it has been lovely to actually experience the culture and see incredible villages and country. Thank you for your care and consideration”
MARK 2011 (Australia)

“Magnifico! Superb management bringing forth knowledge, depth of history and gastronomic delights. You and Abruzzo will remain with us forever. Deepest thanks from us both”
ROBYN & PETER 2011 (New Zealand)

“My deepest thanks for an amazing tour! I do so appreciate all the planning and time spent to make it so wonderful” 
JEANETTE 2011 (New Zealand)

“This has been a wonderful week spent exploring the Abruzzo countryside, the food and wine I have experienced has been ‘buonissimo’. The cooking class has inspired me to experiment with my own cooking on return to Melbourne”
​JANE 2011 (Australia)

” Dear Luciana – Our time with you has been extraordinary! We left Texas as strangers seeking family and are leaving Abruzzo having found family AND friends. This has been truly an experience of a lifetime and our time with you has opened our eyes, hearts and minds to so much more than we ever expected. Added to the knowledge that we have gained, is learning what a truly warm and caring you are. If our prayers are answered we will see you again – soon!

“I don’t think I can put into words what a wonderful couple of days we have had with you – your hospitality, your knowledge and friendship has made these days magical – coming here I had no knowledge of what to expect, now going home with fond memories of Abruzzo – cooking, the warmth of the people has made me appreciate your part of Italy. After travelling around Italy for 2 weeks and coming to your Abruzzo – what a wonderful way to end our Italy experience. We thank you and look forward to seeing you in Sydney”
JOY, ALLEN & LYN 2010 (Australia)

“Dear Luciana, Thank you for a fabulous Abruzzo experience! My week with you is filled with fond memories of amazing food and flavours, wine, wine and Aperol Spritz, olive trees and vineyards and beautiful hilltop villages. The accommodation has been wonderful together with hospitality and I look forward to my next tour.”
MOIRA 2010 (Australia)

“Although I had been looking forward to this tour with high expectations, it far exceeded them. Meticulous in researching and in searching for interesting things to please us. From the first moment I felt welcome and with a very nice mix of companions it was altogether a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. I will tell everyone I meet”
​KATE 2010 (Australia)

“You shared the soul of Abruzzo with us an you and the people of Abruzzo will be in our hearts forever. You have a wonderful gift and talent. Words cannot describe the amazing and important experience you gave to us. This trip was so personal for us and we thank you for all the amazing work and research you did on our behalf. We always welcome you to our home.”
​CRYSTAL & RIC  2010 (USA)

“It is the best and most wonderful vacation I have ever ever had. Seeing my mother’s country, particularly the village of Tufillo is a miracle in itself and a dream fulfilled. You have gone over and above all expectations.Thank you thank you and God bless”
​ANNA 2010 (USA)

“Luciana, how can one put into words the way we have enjoyed our experience with you in Abruzzo! Thank you for showing us the Italia or yesteryear. The scenery, the people, the tastes, the sounds, the artisans and your passion have all contributed to a wonderful memory. Abruzzo must surely be the last bastion of true Italian experiences. We shall share your passion for Abruzzo with our family and friends in Australia. Although, I must say, there is a little part of me that wants to keep it a secret!”
JUDITH & DAVID 2009 (Australia)

“Luciana, the trip was far more than expected. Your catering to our small group differentiates your company and yourself. Thank you for your attention to detail and all the hours you have put into making this one of the most memorable trips”
LES & ANNE (2009 and 2011 Australia)

“Thank you for a very special experience of your beloved Abruzzo region. From the initial chance discovery , the recurring theme has been personal attention and friendliness from you but also from the Abruzzese people themselves. You say Abruzzo is not noted for tourism, we find this surprising but we also hope that it remains a secret so that one day we might return. Thanks again for a special 8 days”
IAN & JENNY 2009 (Australia)

“It has taken me 2 years to get to this tour, but it has been so much better that I could ever imagined. Italy has been a dream for years, and now it is a wonderful reality. Your tour is so well organised and you are a fantastic host. I can’t imagine  going back to a life where I don’t indulge in long lunches accompanied by glorious wines. I’d love to wax lyrical about the last week, but I just don’t know where to begin. Suffice to say I have had the time of my life. With very best wishes for the future of the tours and I look forward to continuing to know you.”
GEORGINA 2009 (Austalia)

“Absolutely awesome. It’s been all that we hoped and much more. Good company, food, wine, activities, weather, museums, scenery and friendship and physiotherapy too!. The days have gone too quickly.”
ELSPETH & STEPHEN 2008 (Australia)

“Thank you Luciana for an unforgettable week!! It is obvious the great effort and time and thought you have put into your research and planning to ensure your guests are left feeling looked after and satisfied. A special thank you for the thought you put into ‘dietary needs’.” Best wishes 
IRENE 2008 (Australia)

“This past week has been everything and more than I had wished to experience of Italy, its people, its culture and its history and its food. None of this could have been revealed in such an authentic way without you – thank you! I expect this will not be my last visit to Abruzzo or to Italy, and it will definitely not be the last contact I have with you. Thanks for everything and keep on dreaming. I look forward to the cookbook!”
ELLE  2008 (New Zealand)

“Thanks for a fantastic holiday – it ranks with the very best we have had over a number of years. Touring with you is more like touring with friends, keen to ensure that we see and do the very best. Your approach and attention to details is great.”
QUITA & GRAEME 2008 & 2011

 “Dear Luciana – Many thanks for  a wonderful holiday, I felt that you were a friend taking me around instead of a tour director! You certainly opened my eyes about Abruzzo and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was just what I needed! This holiday has been one of the highlights of my life.” Love
HELEN 2008 & 2010 (Australia)
“After 7 visits to Italy over 50 years one would expect more of the same but Abruzzo has been such a well kept secret revealed so exquisitely by you that we can’t wait to get back to see the rest of this magic part of the world.”
LORRAINE & RODNEY 2007 (Australia)

“What can I say Luciana – how can we possibly show our appreciation for you you have done to make these 8 days the best holiday Terry and I have ever experienced. We will be back to your other tours. How it could be better I do not know, but we will look forward to being with you again. Thank you and best wishes and good luck to you.”
BETTY & TERRY 2007 (Australia)

“Your passion for what you are doing, your ability to make everyone feel special and your attention to detail have helped make this a truly memorable experience. Thank you for showing me the beauty of Abruzzo – its scenery, people and food. There are so many highlights on this tour, that I won’t know where to start when sharing my experience with family and friends. Best wishes for your future ventures.”
MARGARET 2007 (Australia)

“Our time with you has been absolutely wonderful and we will love telling everyone about the whole experience – although doing you justice is well nigh impossible!”
MIRIAM & PETER 2007 (Australia)

“Thank you for a wonderful holiday. I was super-impressed by your research and organisation. I really enjoyed meeting your family and other local people”
​MIKE 2006 (Australia)

“My greatest introduction to Italy. Congratulations and the most fabulous Abruzzo experience” 
​JANE & NEIL 2006 (Australia)

“Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful place – Abruzzo is truly one of Italy’s best kept secrets and so are you!”
VERONICA 2006 (Australia)