The Majestic Lakes of Abruzzo

There are many hidden gems that the region of Abruzzo in Italy is hiding. From their unique cuisine to their heritage sites, rich in history and culture. However, one of these gems that many do not hear about is Abruzzo’s beautiful natural and man-made lakes. Whether you are a tourist or a local, these beautiful lakes of Abruzzo Italy are enjoyed by everyone. Curious about these lakes? We list three amazing lakes in Abruzzo that are better seen in person:

Campotosto lake, Aquila province, Abruzzo

Known as the biggest man-made lake in the Abruzzo region, Lake Campotosto is a beautiful sight to behold. With a surface of 14 square km, the lake is located in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. The lake was created in the 1930s to establish a water reservoir to generate hydroelectric power. To reach the lake, travellers coming from L’Aquila or the Adriatic Coast can use the Italian State Highway 80. There is plenty of things to do for travellers who want to take in the beautiful sites. There is a 50 km circular trail along the lake’s perimeter and in summer, is used for jogging, hiking and bicycle touring.

Scanno Lake, L’Aquila province, Abruzzo

Scanno Lake is found in the Abruzzese Apennines and it is famous for its romantic heart shape. It is the biggest natural lake in Abruzzo and is surrounded by woods and forests. There are plenty of wild birds to be found near the lake including the eagles, owls, wild ducks and hawks, while trout and basses can be found in the waters of the lake. It is a great lake that is enjoyed by rowers and canoeists as well as swimmers and pedalo riders. Many guests on our Private Tours of Abruzzo or on our  10 day all inclusive ‘Grand Tour of Abruzzo’ programme love visiting here as Scanno is set at 1000m above sea level and has breathtaking views. 

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Scanno Lake in Abruzzo


Bomba Lake, Chieti province, Abruzzo

Also called Lake Sangro, Bomba Lake is found in the Chieti Province of Abruzzo and is a man-made lake. Its beauty stretches 10km and is 5km wide and was created by a dam on the Sangro river. Villa Santa is located to its south while Bomba is found north of the lake. Several other villages such as Piertraferrazzana, Colledimezzo and Pennadomo also face the Bomba lake. Its use includes directing the river’s water, transferring it Altino, where it is generated into the hydroelectric power.


Lago di Bomba Photo from
Lago di Bomba
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