Learning Italian Language in Brisbane, Australia


I would like to feature several Italian language schools in Brisbane which I know personally and can recommend with their professionalism.
If you are travelling to Italy it is so much more interesting if you can chat to the locals and really make a meaningful connection than just order a meal and ask for directions…
Experiencing Abruzzo is just so much more interesting and rewarding if you can connect with the people in the villages, your long lost family or your new friends!  Abruzzo is one region of Italy where English is not spoken widely..in fact very few people speak English!

I) ITALIAN SCHOOL GIOSUE’ CARDUCCI:  Mrs Lita Fabbri, the director and teacher at this school has been teaching Italian for decades. In fact her first course of the year in 2016 will be starting the week of Feb 8, 2016 so you are just in time to enrol in her 8 week Italian Language course: http://www.italianschoolgiosuecarducci.com.au/# . Lita takes on Beginners to Advanced Levels- so give it a try!