Visit Stunning Abruzzo, Puglia and Basilicata With Italy Tours

Visit Abruzzo Italy, the picture postcard “beauty of the north” and experience the age-old Italian lifestyle that has remained unchanged for centuries. Here colourfully dressed shepherds still guide their flocks of sheep down century-old pathways and the Beachwood forests are inhabited by bears and wolves.  Ominous castles loom over desolate stretches of wilderness – now guarding nothing more than a family of mountain goats and a majestic royal eagle soaring over the landscape.

Although Abruzzo is traditionally thought of as a remote mountainous region, vast sandy beaches stretch along its eastern border south of Pescara and along the Adriatic north. Towards the west, the hills rise sharply into the infamous Abruzzo mountain range with isolated hill towns dotted here and there.

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Italy Tours to Abruzzo National Parks

The site of this vast and well-administered national park is what Italian grandmothers call “God’s own country” and it is regarded as one of the most important national parks in Europe. Close by is the newly designated protected area of Maiella National Park, as well as several other regional parks. These protected areas abound with flora and fauna where flowering meadows and thick forests give way to snow-capped granite peaks and high barren plains. Calderone, the southernmost glacier in Europe, extends majestically from Corno Grande all the way to Corno Piccolo, yet overshadowed by Gran Sasso, the tallest peak on the Italian Peninsula.


Places of Interest on Italy Tours to Abruzzo

–              From Castelli to Chieti a staggering array of traditional home-cooked food can be found, some of which visitors to the region had never experienced before. This is a great experience whilst on an Italy tours.

–              This is castle country with broad valleys and high mountains surrounding magnificent structures. The sights make tours of Italy spectacular.

–              Some convents and monasteries in Abruzzo are works of art while some are situated in a world-class location which offers interesting alternatives to hotel accommodation. Our Italy travel packages include all accommodation whilst on tour.

–              The jewel of Abruzzo is Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, a haven for trees, wild animals and flowers. It’s a must visit on your next vacation in Italy.

–              Camping sites in Abruzzo are well-organized with excellent facilities, a must do on your tours of Italy.

–              Kids love to track the spectacular underground river situated in the Stiffe Caves in Abruzzo Italy. This is another great thing to do on your next vacation in Italy.

–              Italy travel packages offer an easy way to experience a panoramic view of Abruzzo with a ride on the Treno della Valle.

–              Colorful pageants and festivals are held year round throughout Abruzzo and several flea markets held in the grounds of 16th century cathedrals offer a chance to stock up on souvenirs for friends and family.

–              Discover other unspoiled hidden gems in the region of Abruzzo, Puglia and Basilicata on tours of Italy and immerse yourself in the traditional Italian culture and lifestyle. Our Italy travel packages make seeing the true Italian culture and way of life possible with great vacation in Italy deals.


Tours to Italy include private and day tours to experience the heritage and treasures of Abruzzo, or take a grand Italy tour of ten days to visit the best of the northern, central and southern regions of this historically beautiful region. Make your vacation in Italy a memorable one with Touring Abruzzo’s incredible Italy travel packages to visit stunning destinations such as Abruzzo Italy.