Discovering your Abruzzo Heritage with Italy Travel Packages

It was such a delight to provide a private Italy tour to Abruzzo with an American family from Illinois. Their reason for a vacation in Italy and tour with Touring Abruzzo was to reconnect them with their family’s Abruzzo heritage. John’s father and mother were from Caramanico Terme and San’Eufemia a Maiella. In fact, this trip to Italy was the definite highlight of their Italy vacation packages and tour. The smiles on their faces, the happiness and emotions were priceless and memories of a lifetime were created whilst on Touring Abruzzo’s Italy travel packages. To be welcomed with a specially arranged private reception by both mayors of these villages, to walk the streets where their parents walked and to see and physically touch their family ancestral home were all overwhelming for them. That’s why we offer Italy travel packages – to see the raw emotion and excitement on peoples faces when on their vacation in Italy. The locals and family and friends there were amazing and so welcoming to this family and many others on their trip to Italy… 

Italy vacation packages

Italy Tour Packages

I love to discover other places in Italy when I am over there for my touring season in Abruzzo. Our Italy travel packages offer tours in other magnificent destinations across Italy.  Have you thought of visiting Tuscany before coming to Abruzzo? I recently joined a hands on Italian cooking class in the Tuscany countryside in the charming Chianti region. We made focaccia, ravioli, a pork dish cooked in vin santo liqueur and also delicious cantucci biscotti to end such a delightful meal. The location was superb in an 11th century Abbey. Keep posted as Touring Abruzzo will soon be offering Italy Tour Packages in Tuscany and throughout other beautiful locations on whilst on your trip to Italy.

This will be part of my next itinerary to add to Touring Abruzzo programmes for 2018. Off the beaten path in Tuscany..hard to find these days. I will also include winery visits, castle and garden visit, thermal spa and quaint villages in Tuscany, making this Italy tour packages exciting for your next vacation in Italy.