Introduction to Italian Pasta (Infographic)

Which is your favourite Italian pasta?
When you hear the word pasta you think of Italy. This simple and staple food of mixing flour with water and sometimes, eggs is something so integral to the history of Italian food.If you think about the origins of pasta, it has been found to date back thousands of years to the times of the Etruscans, the ancient people of central Italy who predated the Romans! Archeologists have found ancient paintings in their tombs, depicting the making of the pasta, known then as lagane – which was an oven baked version of pasta rather than boiled.

With the influence of the Arab people in southern Italy especially in Sicily they brought across the knowledge of drying pasta, which was great as it could survive the long journeys and be transportable.

Today Italy’s 20 regions all boast their favourite or traditional pasta from ravioli, gnocchi, spaghetti, fettuccini and others as there are more than 300 varieties of pasta, dried (pasta secca) and fresh (pasta fresca)!

Check out an Introduction to Italian Pasta below and learn more about Italy’s most famous food!

Central & Regional Italian Pasta
When travelling to  Abruzzo you can enjoy the special “spaghetti alla chitarra”   which is pasta cut on a wooden frame with steel strings, so this ensures the pasta to have a square edge to it. It is simply delicious with a lamb and roast capsicum ragu’! In Puglia you cannot go past the fabulous round “orecchiette” pasta – known as ‘little ears’ or a hat shaped pasta and served with greens (like turnip greens) and some chilli.Cooking Classes With Luciana
For those living in Brisbane and the rest of Australia why not join Luciana and cook up many traditional Italian dishes including fresh pasta, vegetable dishes, baking and pastries? The next fun class is scheduled for Saturday April 30 and is held at Moreton Bay College, Wondall Rd, Manly, Brisbane. Places are limited at this stage (maximum of 12 guests only).

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Home made pasta – fettuccine with sumo al pomodoro e basilico