The hidden gem of Italy – the Basilicata

Imagine taking scenic walks along the rustic streets of Basilicata with the history surrounding you at every turn. This small town in Italy is far removed from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities so visitors will be able to enjoy themselves here. With so much to do, nobody ever wants to leave and those who do swear to come back, and they do. Tours to Italy are the best way to experience the real city and get to see the parts of a town that you might not see in a newspaper or television.

And if you plan on such a visit to the Basilicata province, you can start off at the southern town of Matera to witness its ancient majesty that has become a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Sassi, ancient cave dwelling where humans lived for thousands of years and although some are not fit to live in, you can get an idea of how ancient Italian people lived in such beautiful dwellings. If you have a love of cheese and wine, you can also you have the right province.

At Cantine del Notaio welcomes visitors local and foreign with open arms and you will get to see their vineyards regaled in ancient Greek poetry. The Aglianico grape which makes their wine grows in fertile volcanic soil then gets its water from the Tufo rock layers underground during the dry months. Before you leave, do visit the ancient grottoes that date back to the 1600s and were used by Franciscan monks.

What makes these grottoes special is that they are cut into the volcanic Tufo rock and aid in the process of ageing wine. So why not book a tour of Italy and revel in the beauty of Basilicata, named as the European Capital of Culture for 2019. With the help of Touring Abruzzo team, you will enjoy Italy along with people who have a love and are passionate about sharing it with you. A relaxing time having fun at the heel of Italy will do you wonders.