Have Great Winter Holidays in Abruzzo Italy

Holidays in Abruzzo Italy are amazing in the summer but are even better in Winter. It does not matter if you had recently visited this hidden gem during Christmas, as the atmosphere is just as electric and the region looks beautiful. Not only is Abruzzo beautiful and affordable but they have excellent cuisine for the different seasons. With winter just around the corner and the thoughts of escaping to better climates appeals to you, why not think about visiting Italy’s heel, located on the south of the country. We have compiled just two reasons to convince you to book a tour to Abruzzo today.

Scrippelle M’Busse To Warm The Heart

Winter means some cold weather and chunky vegetable soups in most regions, but not in Abruzzo, where the winter warmers are different from what you expect. However, it is just as filling & warming. Scrippelle M’Busse is a nutritious chicken broth, poured over fried crepes that have been rolled with a light sprinkling of Pecorino cheese. It is available in many restaurants in Abruzzo, where it’s a dish reserved for special occasions.

Vino Cotto To Warm The Soul

A drink for the soul is the traditional Abruzzo drink that credits its roots from Teramo and Le Marche. In centuries gone by, it was used to preserve wine by cooking the grapes until the volume decreased, and the sugar concentration increased. Doing this meant that the wine could be stored for longer. During the period, from late spring to early winter, the time when regular wine turned sour, Vino Cotto was drunk until the next grapes harvest. Today, this drink helps the community stay warm during a winter’s day and is also served at most restaurants. One of the recommended methods to have some Vino Cotto on cooked pears.

If you want a quick escape from icy cold winters and enjoy more comfortable winter conditions, then book a trip to Abruzzo today. Touring Abruzzo is a trusted tour provider in the region and has a team that knows it back to front. We will take you to the unknown yet safest places in Abruzzo that will give you a warm thrill. Visit our website today and book a couples or group tour and our experts will show you all around.

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