Grape Harvest is here!

September means autumn and the grapes are ready to be harvested. I was excited last Sunday to help my cousin Loredana to pick the montepulciano d’abruzzo grapes at my family’s small parcel of vineyard in Ripa Teatina.
Donning my old jeans, shirt and cap I keep for harvest time I was given the large funnel or imputo  to hold in my left hand and pair of secateurs in my right hand to cut each juicy ripe bunch. Four of us were there from early morning and we collected 30 cases of grapes ready for making another batch of great tasting red wine.
The mild autumn sun cast a soft light over the vines and as I looked up at the clear blue sky it was a magical moment really. Interstices of light made its way amongst the russet coloured leaves and the full ripe buds were like black opalescent pearls…
We sat to rest on the upturned cases and enjoyed a mid morning colazione of a panino with a red capsicum (pepper) frittata and a glass of last season’s red wine. Simply devine!
Our day’s work over by 3pm, we went back for a late lunch prepared by family. Domenichella prepared a huge bowl of fresh sagne e fagioli, followed by a simple secondo of fresh ricotta and crusty bread. Of course, more wine flowed as we wished our new barrels of grapes well, creating its magic down in the cellar…
Here are some photos of our grapes!