Four Reasons Why You Need To Make Abruzzo Your Next Holiday Destination.

Abruzzo is the last frontier of Italy under the radar of most tourists but a destination of many discoveries. Located in the south-central region of Italy, Abruzzo has a lot to offer all tourists from the coast of Pescara on the Adriatic to the mountains of Gran Sasso.

It is the home of the best-kept secrets of Italy, offering tourist attractions ranging from nature to art and from history to cuisine. There are numerous Tours Of Italy on offer, but none can compare to touring Abruzzo.

Here are four reasons to entice you to visit Abruzzo;

  1. Greenest Region In Europe.

The biggest selling point of Abruzzo is that it is the greenest region in entire Europe. With 3 National Parks and a Regional Park  there is so much biodiversity of plants and animal life. You will be treated to stunning views, caressed by rolling green hills and blessed with quality fresh air helping you enjoy your getaway.

If you are an avid outdoor adventurer, you will glad to know Abruzzo is a mountainous area with three national parks, one regional park and 38 protected nature reserves. It covers a third of the territory and has an abundance of a rare species including the golden eagle, the Abruzzese chamois, the Apennine wolf and the Marsican brown bear.

Gran Sasso National Park Abruzzo
Gran Sasso National Park Abruzzo
  1. World-renowned Wine.

Italy is renowned for its famous wines, and Abruzzo is no exception. The region claimed its spot on the tourist map through its national parks for skiing in winter, but it is slowly capitalising on its wine as a drawcard for tourists.

The red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, produced with the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grape, has made Abruzzo bask in international glory. It is distinct from the Sangiovese grape used in making the Tuscan Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Chieti province produces a majority of the wines, and famous local producers open their cellar doors for wine tasting. These producers include Cantina Tollo who known for their fabulous award winning wines.  If you want to sit back, enjoy the scenery while tasting wine, Villa Carrene is a place to visit. It is s family-run vineyard and cellar located a few miles from Sulmona in the medieval town of Prezze.

montepulciano grapes abruzzo tours
Enjoy Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes and its wine
  1. Stunning Landscapes.

If you thought Tuscany had beautiful landscapes, Abruzzo has breathtaking views that will rival any you have seen. It has everything to dazzle you from picturesque coastlines and beaches on the east to the towering Abruzzese Apennines mountains in the west. 

There is something for everyone, including wildlife, open valleys, waterfalls and more. There are plenty of quaint villages, towns and cities all of the main tourist radar that you can explore.

Trip to Italy
Trabocchi on the Adriatic coastline in Abruzzo
  1. Day Trips.

If you are looking to ignite the spark further, you can take a trip to the romantic city of Rome. You will have the best of both worlds from touring the countryside to experiencing one of the big cities. For your incredible expedition, there is the Park of Gran Sasso and the Laga Mountains. You can also visit the medieval castles and learn about  the history of Abruzzo Italy with us.

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Altino, hilltop village in Abruzzo

Are you looking through various brochures of tours of Italy and do not know which one to choose? Your next holiday could very well be in Abruzzo Italy. We have many tourist activities to create memories that will last a lifetime. Visit our website for more information.