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This year the tours are in full swing already with tour programmes taking in Abruzzo and Puglia for the first half of the year.

The Touring Abruzzo team has a lot of news, information and tips and also a simple recipe from Puglia to try.

Touring Italy has never been easier with us as we have specialist guides in Italy’s central and southern regions so the best of Italy awaits. With a great network of private drivers who are available year round to take you on your private transfers it has never been easier. Whether it is from Rome to Abruzzo, or Abruzzo to Positano or from Abruzzo to Puglia you can travel safely knowing you will get to your destination with ease and see alot of Italy along the way.

Also you can choose your private English speaking guide on your own Private Day Tour in Abruzzo or elsewhere, knowing that it will be tailor made to suit your time, your dates and your interests.

Discovering one’s Italian Heritage has always been very popular with the massive ancestry research available online. In particular we have received many requests over the years to understand one’s Abruzzo Heritage. This is one of the most rewarding parts to our work and service as the research involved is fascinating and many facts are uncovered. To see the emotions on our guests faces is just amazing and real connections are made to a place and time and to a people.

Start planning Italy 2019 now and be surprised. You know we are the Italy you have been searching for at Touring Abruzzo


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The Italian government has announced this year 2019 as the Year of Slow Travel. What is that you may ask?
Italy is not new at the art of slow.. in fact it was Italy which launched the Slow Food Movement in 1986 as a backlash to the fast food phenomenon.

Traveling slowly in Italy will give you the chance  to form a more meaningful and stronger connection to the towns you’re visiting, and you will be rewarded immensely.  With a slower pace and programme it is not about ticking off places and famous sights off a list, a waiting in endless queues to catch glimpses of art and architecture. It is about delving deeper and immersing fully into a lesser known region of Italy and staying in less crowded towns where you can feast on all your senses.

You will have time to unwind in a quiet cafe, watch the world go by, learn to use your Italian you have been learning and dying to practice! It is all about the experience and the meaningful connections you will make with the locals. You get to follow the seasons, eat what is local and fresh and appreciate the small pleasures all around you. It is these moments where magic is created and moments turn into lifelong memories. Travel Italy and take it slow and sure. Whether you visit Abruzzo, Marche or Molise in central Italy or Puglia and Basilicata in the heel of Italy and its deep south, there is something special awaiting you and will be the true highlight of your Italy vacation.


Last week on Travel Writers Radio they chatted about the Italian Government making 2019 the year of slow travel, and this week accomplished journalist, travel writer and reporter Veronica Matheson learnt more about the joys of slow travel from Luciana Masci who lives in Brisbane, but spends the Italian summer taking small groups of tourists around Abruzzo – the home of her ancestors – which is three hours east of Rome. For more visit

Listen here to a fabulous interview with Veronica and understand why Italy and in particular Abruzzo is the place to slow down and unwind and delve deeper into the rich traditions and culture which await you.



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Gone are the days that Italy was an idyllic and cheap destination for great food and countless treasures. A vacation in Italy is a dream come true for a majority of people, but it is costly. It is an irresistible holiday destination blessed with stunning landscapes, cities immersed with history, gorgeous architecture and scrumptious food at every corner.

Planning the perfect holiday of your dreams and squeeze everything into your itinerary can become overwhelming with so many options to choose from and sights to see. Before you start mapping out your Italian getaway, it is essential you narrow down the type of holiday that you are looking to enjoy.

Visit Italy in the quieter seasons
Visit Italy in the quieter seasons

There are still inexpensive ways to enjoy its splendrous wonders as well as its dolce vita. We have compiled some useful tips on how to plan your Italian holiday so you can do in ‘Rome what the Romans do’;

1) Book Early And Consider Shoulder Seasons.

Summer is the busiest tourist season in Italy, well there is no surprise there. The weather will not be a perfect 75°F every day, and the skies are not always cloud free. However, the most significant airfare cuts occur during the off-season, and you can pop up at small hotels without a reservation three months in advance. There is also an absence of queues at museums, and the locals are less rushed and more accommodating.

2) Sleep Small And Central.

Large chain hotels come with numerous perks, but they are the most expensive accommodation options in Italy. If you are a weary budget traveller, it will come as good news to know that Italy has affordable hotels and pensions (family-run guesthouses). What they lack in star rating they make up for with not only lower rates but plenty of charm and character.

3) Book Your Train Tickets Yourself, Now!

If you are planning on spoiling yourself by taking a trip between Milan – Venice – Florence – Rome – Naples using the high-speed Trenitalia, book your tickets without an external train agency. When you book early, the cheaper the seats.

4) Book Cheaper Flights Into Hub A City.

Airfare prices tend to be expensive during the peak summer months, making it difficult to find a reasonably priced flight to Italy. To save on your airfare, it is advisable to books flights that fly into ‘hub’ cities. Your airline will advise you on this.

It may take longer to reach your destination, but the good thing is you will have more money to explore Italy.

Are you overwhelmed with planning for your vacation in Italy? Touring Abruzzo will plan your holiday from start to finish, and all you have to do is enjoy the sights and wonders Italy has to offer. Get in touch with us now!


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Touring Abruzzo celebrating 15 years
           Touring Abruzzo celebrating 15 years