Read more here to learn all about what Luciana and her team will be offering in 2020.


Luciana is celebrating 16 years of leading boutique and bespoke tours to Abruzzo in central Italy.
Over the years, Luciana has added several other regions in southern Italy to provide more travel choices for guests.
2020 will see Luciana and her team launch 2 new regions –   Sardinia & Molise! 

A big thank you must go out to the many guests who have supported Touring Abruzzo and loved travelling with the team.   Grazie a tutti. 

ABRUZZO – still has so much to offer!

From Private Day Tours, Retracing your Ancestral Heritage in Abruzzo, to 4 day / 8 day / 10 day fully escorted tours – Luciana always shares her love for her ancestral land and creates a true Italian experience.

We are super excited to release our new tour:  BACK ROADS OF SARDINIA  (8 days) –  September 3-10, 2020
This is a guaranteed departure with small group only. Be prepared to be immersed in the rich history and culture of Sardinia, see amazing artisans at work and enjoy local regional food.
We will travel from Cagliari then west and north of Sardinia to Alghero and end in Olbia.
Luciana has teamed up with Fabio again (Puglia & Basilicata tours) and they will lead the inaugural tour to bring you the signature Touring Abruzzo style and attention to detail!

Read more here to learn all about what Luciana and her team will be offering in 2020.

MOLISE region launching in 2020!
‘TASTES of MOLISE’ tour: 4 days 
This region is directly below Abruzzo and shares much of its culture and history with Abruzzo until it separated in the early 1960’s and became its own region. We will be based in Termoli on the Adriatic coastline and explore the eastern part of Molise .

Tour dates: May 3; May 28; June 21; September 10;

October 12.
‘BACK ROADS of MOLISE’ tour (8 days): 
Tour dates: June 21 & October 12

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