Italy is arguably Europe’s most enticing holiday destinations; it is the home of irresistible food, fantastic architecture, diverse scenery, and unique art that inspires charms, and enchants its tourists. 

From hiking in the Dolomites, sunbathing on the Amalfi coast, wine touring in the Tuscan countryside to polishing up on ancient history at the ruins of Pompeii, planning your trip to  Italy can be a daunting process as you are overwhelmingly spoilt for choice. 

Italy is a magnificent holiday destination all year round. If you are keen on venturing and exploring the splendours of this Mediterranean oasis, here are five reasons why you need to start planning an off-season trip to Italy;

1) Enjoy Cooler Temperatures

Italy’s peak season starts from around June and runs until the end of August, and it comes with scorching sunshine and soaring temperatures to match. The peak season is the perfect time for a vacation in Italy because of the beautiful, white-sand beaches from Sardinia to Sicily, Portofino to Puglia.

However, you will be able to explore the wonders of Italy without overheating if you opt for an Italy tours package outside the peak season in the shoulder months before or after summer or in the low season. Choosing this option will make for a comfortable trip. It also offers other seasonal attractions such as ice-skating in the Darsena basin in Milan or admiring a multitude of nativity scenes in Naples historic city centre. 

2) Dodge The Crowds

The last thing you want, especially if you have limited vacation days, is being stuck in scorching summer traffic jams for hours or hustling your way through Italy’s hilltop town’s narrow streets and alleys behind bug tour groups. 

Thus, it will be advisable to schedule your trip to Italy during the off-peak season to ensure for a quieter and more leisurely vacation. 

3) Fabulous, Low-Season Food Festivals

Visiting Italy in summer means you will miss out on some of the country’s iconic mouth-watering food festivals or sagre in Italian. 

Perugia hosts a week-long Eurochocolate festival in October, filling the entire town with the sweet aroma of cocoa, tempting visitors to indulge in every chocolate product imaginable. There are several food festivities throughout autumn in Emilia-Romagna that includes the Mortadella Bò sagra and other local festivals that celebrate the mouthwatering Parma ham.

4) Comforting Cooking Lessons, And Cuisine

The low temperatures in winter and snow on the Alps, Apennine and Dolomite mountains that occasionally reach down into the cities, make the low season an ideal time to feast on hearty Italian cuisine with a glass of the finest wine. 

An ideal way to discover traditional, seasonal cuisine and each regions various vintages is through food and wine tours with expert guides. Or you can roll up your sleeves and join a cooking class and learn how to makes some of the local classical winter dishes that will warm your family’s hearts when you back home. 

5) Cheaper Flights And Accommodation

One of the best benefits of planning your trip to Italy in the low season is that flights and accommodation are much cheaper. Not only will you fly for less, you will get to sleep in the best hotels for much longer but for much less.

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