Learn about the latest Italy tours lined up for 2018 with Touring Abruzzo. Read about what is hot in the New Year and the exciting new destinations to central and southern Italy. Viva La Dolce Vita!

Wishing you all a very happy and special Christmas season and thank you to all our valued guests over the years…. Grazie mille!

This next year marks Luciana’s 14th year of travel to Abruzzo, Italy and over the years has shown hundreds and hundreds of wonderful guests the beauty of this central Italian region. In the last 4 yrs, Touring Abruzzo has grown with demand and requests from many past guests and so Luciana has created exciting new Italy tour itineraries which take in areas in central and southern Italy.

Like our small group tour programmes to Puglia – the ‘heel’ of Italy in the south, as well as to ‘Basilicata’ which borders Puglia and which not many travellers know about…until now!

With these fully escorted tours and with Touring Abruzzo’s knowledgeable local guides you will certainly have a full immersion into an authentic Italian lifestyle and see little known or discovered destinations. A real treat awaits you…

The hot new and interesting destination for 2018 ready to be launched by Touring Abruzzo is to the north of Abruzzo,

LE MARCHE  – a land straddled between the beauty of the Adriatic coast and the Apennines to the west. Another central Italy region to explore and understand. Travel on the path less visited with us…

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Your guide to travelling in Italy:

What is in store for you in 2018...

After another wonderful touring season in Italy covering Abruzzo, Puglia, Basilicata and Molise this year we are proud to be well and truly ready for our 14th year of travel for 2018 with Touring Abruzzo. The 2018 Italy tour programme is now out and reservations are coming in! Choose your small group boutique tour experience or custom made private tour here and read on:

ABRUZZO: Choose a 4, 8, 10 day tour or design your own custom made journey…
If you only have time for a short stay in Abruzzo, then TASTES of ABRUZZO’ is perfect.
Over 4 days you will explore the northern Abruzzo region and you will be based in a beautiful hilltop village of Civitella del Tronto. From here you can experience the pleasure of living like a local, following a truffle hunt, seeing ancient fortresses and medieval art and cook with local ladies of Abruzzo.  2018 Departures: May 28, June 3, June 17, June 19 and September 17.
* ‘BACK ROADS of ABRUZZO’ is an 8 day journey which extends on the previous tour by including more of the central Abruzzo area along the Adriatic coast and into the Apennine mountains with the Maiella National Park area.  2018 Departures: June 17 and June 19.
* ‘GRAND TOUR of ABRUZZO’ will take you through most of the Abruzzo region over 10 days and has been the most popular tour for several years. 2018 departures: June 3 and September 17
One of this year’s highlights was to see some Apennine wolves (lupus italicus) in the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise. Our hiking guide Antonella took us on some gentle walks through the area and we indulged in a special al fresco banquet put together by Luciana.  This stunning photo was taken by Fabio courtesy of https://m.facebook.com/notordinarywild/

PUGLIA – Choose a 4, 8, 10 day tour (June – October) or reserve your own private tour.
These tours are lead by Fabio, a very special member of the Touring Abruzzo team. He is a great guide and equally passionate archeologist who is knowledgeable and takes great care of each guest. We pride ourselves in showing you a true and authentic Puglia, often off the main tourist paths and each tour has a special mix of history, art, culture, food and wine (of course!).
* Limited time?  Why not try our  TASTES of PUGLIA’ tour which is a short 4 daystay based in Lecce (Baroque capital of the south).  2018 Departures: June 16, June 25 and October 1. 
*BACK ROADS OF PUGLIA’ takes in central and southern Puglia from Ostuni to Lecce over
8 days.   2018 Departures: June 13 and September 28. 
TREASURES OF PUGLIA’ – is the most popular Puglia programme and covers most of the length of the region from Trani to Lecce over glorious sun filled 10 days.
2018 Departures: June 10 and September 25. One of the highlights this year in Puglia would have to be visiting some local weavers who are passing on their traditions to the next generation of women. Using ancient olive wood looms and traditional patterns they are literally weaving magic with fabulous wool and cotton rugs and scarves made of cashmere, linen or silk thread.

BASILICATA –  This undiscovered gem of Italy’s south is a must see destination. See it in 2018 as in 2019 it has been voted the European Capital of Culture and the numbers of visitors is surely set to rise…
* ‘BACK ROADS OF BASILICATA’ – offers a total experience of the region over 8 days. Stay in a restored farmhouse in northern Basilicata as well as in Matera. Explore medieval castles, taste incredible Aglianico wines, enjoy a hands on cooking class, visit amazing hilltop villages and understand the rich history from the Greeks, Arabs and Normans.
 2018 Departures: September 1 and October 17.
Ready to explore something new in Italy? Let the Touring Abruzzo team take you on another amazing journey into central Italy where the roads are far less travelled..
Over 5 glorious days in Spring and Autumn you will be taken to the birthplace of composer Rossini, see the Miracle of the Black Madonna of Loreto, visit true artisans making piano accordions and hand made paper over the centuries. There will be time to visit local winemakers and explore the beautiful hilltop villages such as Urbino… See this part of Italy…the slow way…
                                      2018 Departures: May 23, June 21 & September 21ITALY TOURS TO REMEMBER
                      Slow down and relax on the roads less travelled in Italy..
Small group tours, personalised and professional service,
run by Luciana and her team…with passion and great local knowledge.
Join Luciana in the new 2018 Cooking Classes in Brisbane, Australia:
 February 10, March 18, April 15.
The first class will kick off with a great menu including: fried stuffed olives, summer spelt salad, tortellini filled with ricotta and walnuts, Abruzzese style lamb with egg, cheese and lemon. Dessert is a great treat as well!
Contact Luciana now on
0475 885 851 to 

Remember places are strictly limited and do fill quickly.
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Choose from a boutique range of ceramics, traditional silver jewellery, aprons, tea towels, canvas art and books…
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A Wealth of Italy Vacations With Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours!

For those who dream of taking a trip to Italy and seeing all that ‘The Boot’ of Europe has to offer, there are Italy tours to suit everyone at Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours. Our tours of Italy stand out from the rest for their authentic, locally-connected guides and insider knowledge as well as the many experiences and locations we visit.

At Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours we believe that everyone’s trip to Italy should be unique to them, and should perfectly match everything they have always wanted to experience in Italy. That’s why we are proud to offer an enormous range of tours to Italy, spanning so much of what the land of pasta and pizza has to offer.

Our wide range of tours take place in several Italian regions including Abruzzo, Basilicata, Puglia, and more. The Abruzzo region is where many of our Italy tours take place. We have Italy tours that encompass all of your senses, exploring the tastes of the Abruzzo area, the unseen backroads of the villages, and the unique cultural offerings of Abruzzo and its people.

travel in Italy

If you’ve already seen Abruzzo, why not choose from one of our other Italy tours, such as those exploring Puglia or Basilicata. These are the tours of Italy that will totally immerse you in Italian culture and heritage. There are endless tastes to sample, artisan products to try, and unique towns and villages to wander in with our expert guides. Yes, our tours to Italy allow you to see it all!

If you can’t choose between Abruzzo, Basilicata and Puglia, why not avoid missing out by choosing to take our Treasures of the South tour, the best in our tours to Italy. This tour takes in all three of these stunning southern regions, allowing you to see Italy as you never have before with our Italy Vacations.

Outside of the main regions we cover you could take a wander down the Amalfi Coast on our stunning coastal tours of Italy ore explore the beauty of Lazio and Campania on our ‘Treasures of the Appian Way’ tour. Alternatively, if our longer tours do not suit your itinerary, get in touch about a customised private tour that provides a truly personalised experience. Italy has so much to offer, and no trip to Italy would be complete without a quality locally-guided tour from Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours.


Tastes Of Abruzzo

(4 days) Indulge in the local cuisine and wines of Abruzzo. Enjoy a private cooking class and live like a

Back Roads Of Abruzzo

(8days) Enjoy authentic village life in Abruzzo as you travel off the beaten path. Delight in medieval churches and artwork

Grand Tour Of Abruzzo

(10 days) A truly immersive cultural experience. This longer programme offers the best of northen, central and southern Abruzzo. Small

Treasures Of The South

See the best of Italy's south - both magic and mysterious. 'TREASURES OF THE SOUTH' Tour (10 days) The extraordinary

Your Abruzzo Heritage

Retrace your ancestral village with private & custom services by LUCIANA and her team

Private Day Tours Italy

Choose from a range of Day Tours available throughout Abruzzo. Private basis only.

Abruzzo Italy Tours ... the Italy tours you have been searching for.

A trip to Italy is a once in a lifetime journey but when you go to Rome, Venice or Florence, you miss out on learning about italian history and culture because you are just ferried from one place to another without really spending quality time at a given place.

If you want to avoid this way of travelling, rather take the road less travelled with Abruzzo Tours, a specialist touring agency that believes in taking things slowly and savouring every part of your holiday. Founded by Luciana, who has over 13 years of experience in planning some of the best private and intimate tours of southern Italy, Abruzzo tours allows you to enjoy your trip at the pace you choose.

Each tour, whether in Abruzzo, Puglia or Basilica, only allows 12 people at a time in a group so that you can learn more from your guide about the history and culture of the villages that surround you without the rush of hundreds of tourists and crowded street walks.

We offer a variety of unique tours that allow you to create your Italian adventure in the way you want to experience Italy. Our grand tour option includes 10 days of travelling bliss where you are personally guided by Luciana and another local guide of Abruzzo. You will travel through Northern, Central and Southern Abruzzo, sampling traditional foods, eating at family run restaurants with hundred year old recipes and even be part of the art of truffle hunting (and you get to enjoy the truffle afterwards).

One of more unique tours are for those who wish to understand their heritage and the country that their grandparents or great parents grew up in. The Abruzzo heritage tour includes a one on one meeting with the local mayor and access to the town hall that’s filled with the registry of births, marriages and deaths in Abruzzo and then a stop at the local cemetery where you get told stories of the past. This is a very historical and culture enriched tour for those who want to better understand their ancestral origins.

With so much to offer and with views not found anywhere else, Abruzzo touring is the agency of choice for those who want an intimate and private tour of southern Italy. Some of the best tours can be had in Abruzzo, Basilica or Puglia so book with one of our travel agents today and let’s get you started on your trip to Italy.

``Touring Abruzzo with Luciana - You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend``

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Tastes Of Puglia

Experience southern Italy at its best with small group journeys. (4/8/10 days) May - October

Back Roads Of Puglia

Experience southern Italy at its best with small group journeys. (4/8/10 days) May - October

Treasures Of The South

See the best of Italy's south - both magic and mysterious. 'TREASURES OF THE SOUTH' Tour (10 days) The extraordinary

Treasures Of Puglia

Puglia - the pleasures of the Mediterranean and the warmth of the people await... 'TREASURES OF PUGLIA' Tour (10 days)

Private Day Tours

Choose from a range of Day Tours available throughout Abruzzo. Private basis only.

Here’s Your Ticket To Tour Puglia, Italy

When you think of Italy, you probably only think of it’s highlights – Rome, Florence and Venice, but Italy has so much more to offer than the standard tours. Some of the best tours of Italy can be found tucked away in the countryside such as Puglia, an authentic italian village untouched by the throngs of tourists that flock from Australia and US. Here at Abruzzo tours, we offer our travellers the chance to truly immerse themselves into the italian way of life with gourmet food, italian wine and historical buildings.

Each of our tours is catered towards small groups of no more than 12 so that each person can enjoy a more intimate experience of Italy and all it has to offer with a our local tour guide Fabio, an archaeologist well versed about the history of Puglia.

The back roads of Puglia offer some of our best tours of southern Italy, blending slow travel with slow food so that you can enjoy traditional Italian food at small family owned restaurants while meandering the streets filled with jewellery and trinkets crafted by Italian artisans.

We also offer a 4 day tour that focuses completely on some of the best foods that Puglia has to offer. You spend 4 days and 3 nights at the same hotel so you that you aren’t rushed everywhere and to make sure you get a true italian experience, each restaurant serves up cuisine only found in Italy with some providing cooking classes for the discerning traveller.

If you want an ever more intimate tour of southern Italy, Puglia, we can create a personalised tour for you and your group to get the best tour during your holiday with private day trips throughout the city. You can start with exploring a medieval castle, then a local artisan cheesemaker and end the day with a true italian winery where you can witness the wine making process.

When you choose Abruzzo Tours, you choose a unique adventure that wraps you into the Italian lifestyle that goes at your pace and caters to exactly what you want out of your holiday. We proudly offer some of the best tour options since we know you want to take your time exploring and understanding the Italian lifestyle.

Since you don’t want to spend your days in queues or being pushed around in overcrowded markets, take advantage of our special offers today to experience slow paced, relaxing tours of Italy with one the best touring agencies in Abruzzo.

Book your Puglia tour here.

``Touring Abruzzo with Luciana - You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend``

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Treasures Of The Appian Way

Let your Italian dream be a reality! 'TREASURES OF THE APPIAN WAY' Tour (8 days) The extraordinary beauty of the

Private Day Tours

Choose from a range of Day Tours available throughout Abruzzo. Private basis only.
``Touring Abruzzo with Luciana - You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend``

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Back Roads of Basilicata

Explore the beauty of southern Italy without the tourist crowds (4/8/10 days) May - October

Treasures Of The South

See the best of Italy's south - both magic and mysterious. 'TREASURES OF THE SOUTH' Tour (10 days) The extraordinary

Private Day Tours

Choose from a range of Day Tours available throughout Abruzzo. Private basis only.

Let’s Go On Holiday ~ To Basilica, Southern Italy

If you are interested in seeing another side of Italy that few others get to see, then Basilicata tours are exactly what you are looking for. Heritage and history are found in Basilicata, a small village nestled in the heart of Southern Italy, where you are guided through medieval architecture, Roman buildings, wildlife parks and stunning woodlands.

During our back roads tour of Basilica, you are guided through the amazing landscapes in Matera, Melfi and Metaponto by our legendary guide Fabio, an archaeologist who specialises in Greek, Roman and the Medieval eras. During each stop at the a village, you will learn about the the rich history behind the old buildings and castles in an intimate setting without hundreds of other tourists interrupting you.

To make sure none of our guests become hungry, we include tastings of the regional foods found in Basilica like pasta dishes, pork, lamb and artisan cheese straight from the shepherd’s hands. Since our Basilica tour packages only have a maximum of 12 people, there is no rush when you are tasting and instead you get to sit in the countryside with magnificent views and slowly sample every morsel of food.

For those who wish to explore the art of italian food and how its made, our treasures of Basilica tour includes cooking lessons, 9 lunches a day and exclusive tours of food making businesses. In keeping with our policy of small groups, you can get private one on one sessions with italian chefs on how to prepare pasta dishes, go truffle hunting with the dogs and their owners and spend the day learning how olive oil is made.

At Abruzzo tours, we live by the philosophy of going the road less travelled which means your tour of Basilica is unique, private and without the western influence seen in major tourist spots in Italy. We don’t want our guests to feel rushed or that you are just ferried from one town to another, no, we want you to become immersed in Italian culture and learn to appreciate the history that has made Italy what it is today.

Book one of our Basilica tour packages today and come join us in a private tour of the heart of Southern Italy.

``Touring Abruzzo with Luciana - You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend``

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