When we receive a request to start heritage and genealogy research in Abruzzo it is always a pleasure. There is much excitement as to what will be uncovered – dates of birth, death or marriage.
But not just that sometimes there are mysteries solved or reasons why people left Abruzzo to search fortunes and a better life in USA or Australia or Canada.

The icing on the cake is when we do manage to find living relatives. That is such a positive and it makes all the difference to reconnecting guests with their village, their region, their past and also their future. Often guests supply us with an address or a contact name and number which was handed down from past migrants going back to the homeland in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s …not knowing if these contacts are still valid or not.

It starts with finding the village in Abruzzo

It starts with locating the village in Abruzzo

The process is not an easy one as for each guest that has requested prior heritage research in Abruzzo we do take it seriously. There is an extensive on site field visit to the Abruzzese village. Not only are the archives located in the town hall but also we seek to find the ancestral house, or an address from where the family left back in the 1890’s to the early 1900’s. Then we visit the cemetery, the church and any other notable places in the village.

The church where the ancestors were married in Alanno
The church where the ancestors were married in Alanno

On the day itself, the hard work pays off and the magic unfolds. From start to finish it is an amazing experience both for us at Touring Abruzzo and for the guests. To see the smiles on their faces, the wonderment the awe and the happiness is really priceless.

Discovering the area is always a delight
Discovering the area is always a delight

We hear many stories of people having gone to their village independently and not finding a thing or arriving only to find the town hall closed or the mayor unavailable or disinterested. They are unable to connect in a meaningful way, speak no Italian or the local dialect or know how to meet the right people who will open up the right doors. In a small village it is vital to speak to a person who leads you to another, from the village priest to the town baker – all of whom are vital in piecing together a story and history for the guests who are coming to revisit their ancestral village.

Arriving in the ancestral village of Alanno
Arriving in the ancestral village of Alanno
Revisiting places where the family lived and worked is amazing
Revisiting places where the family lived and worked is amazing

The Italian family still in the village is equally amazed and excited as well – they have often heard stories of their grandparents and their siblings going to overseas to the States and often returning with money made over there. Some would remain in Abruzzo then other family members would join those still in America. It really makes their dreams come true, which is so special.


Connecting with new family in Abruzzo is priceless!
Connecting with new family in Abruzzo is priceless. The best Italy vacation ever that is for sure!


Sharing stories and photos
Sharing stories and photos


Great memories and reminiscences
Great memories and reminiscences

If you want to contact us to learn how you can be part of something grand and bigger and more meaningful in searching for your ancestral village in Abruzzo, Italy then ask us more here. We can assist in all stages of your planning, to your arrival as well as seeing more and experiencing more of what Abruzzo has to offer with some special private day tours in Abruzzo to complete your Italy tours and vacations, which can be added on when you visit Abruzzo with us.



The grand finale - a family lunch
The grand finale – a family lunch

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Abruzzo in central Italy has a population of around 1.3 million people today. However in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s there was a huge migration of its people to North America especially to USA. It reached its peak from 1900- 1915 with a huge exodus. Sadly the migration was driven by dire poverty and uneasy political situation where the poor peasants had very few rights under the old feudal system, not enough land to live off and to feed the large families. Going to America was a dream and the thought of travelling to New York to make their fortune was enough to send at least 500,000 Abruzzese to North America.
Other regions of Italy also saw huge numbers of migrants heading to USA and Canada in those years. The regions were from Fruili Venezia Giulia in the north of Italy to Sicily and Calabria in Italy’s south. This migration has been referred to as the Italian Diaspora.
Migration then had another peak in the post second world war period especially in the 1950’s. Here many of the Abruzzese travelled to Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and of course Australia.
My father Sabatino  and my mother Rosa were one of these migrants with a sponsored passage to Australia. This was in 1952 for my father and in 1956 for my mother.

Luciana researching for a client in the archives of a town hall in Abruzzo
Since I started my work in Abruzzo in 2004, I have had many many requests to research for clients the ancestral heritage and genealogy of family members. After detailed research and networking and piecing together information from documents and oral history I am able to reconnect  children of Abruzzese migrants to their ancestral village.
This is particularly satisfying when my guests share this real emotional connection to their past and to their long lost family and creates memories to last a lifetime.
Here are some of the many villages I have had requests to research and reconnect: 
Where is your family from?

Civitella del Tronto
Civitella Messer Raimondo
Fara San Martino
Morro D’Oro
Ripa Teatina
Roseto degli Abruzzi

Sant’Eufemia a Maiella
With virtually  all my guests over the years,  I find that this search and rediscovery in Abruzzo becomes the highlight of their Italian journey always wishing they had spent more time in beautiful Abruzzo. Come and discover YOUR ABRUZZO HERITAGE yourself.
Earlier this month in Abruzzo, I reconnected with Angela Di Sciascio, teacher in Geelong and author of her gentle and touching book “Finding Valentino”.  We exchanged many tales of each other’s family migration from the tiny villages in Abruzzo to a new life in Australia. As we talked many coincidences emerged about poverty in the family, large families to feed in post war Abruzzo, the need for our father’s to search for more, strive for better in such a sad environment.
So many migrants left on foot to the nearest railway station or if they were lucky there may have been a wealthy villager or landowner with a car to take them to Chieti for example.The most amazing and thrilling coincidence was that Angela’s father Valentino Di Sciascio and my father Sabatino Masci were actually onboard the same boat from Naples! The S.S FLORENTIA arrived safely in Melbourne on April 24, 1952 after 6 long weeks at sea and 1500 tired and anxious young men aboard. This amazing synchronicity and circle of friendship has found its way to Angela and myself to complete the story of 2 Italian/Abruzzese migrants…  What I must find out though is if my father ever met Valentino, who he played the piano accordion on the ship.
Angela and I paid tribute to several migrant statues in bronze that have been created in Abruzzo to honour the sacrifice and hardships the migrants made to leave their homeland and in search of another destiny. We visited these 4 in the Chieti province:
VASTO – it is a modern piece with a family encircled in a globe of the world.
ALTINO – this statue is of a sole migrant saying farewell to Abruzzo and facing the Adriatic coastline salutes it and ponders when it will see it next…
FARA SAN MARTINO – this statue is emotional as a father farewells his child and salutes the Maiella – also wondering in sadness when he may return or see the mother mountain again…
CASOLI – this statue is a large piece and very modern, donated by a Perth migrant Mr Fini to the town of Casoli. It depicts the Abruzzese migrants going to all parts of the globe – to Australia, the Americas and to Northern Europe. Here we are picking up’ a suitcase in Casoli.
Here is an extract from my father’s memoirs “A DIFFICULT HARVEST” (by Sabatino Masci)  which describes this day and his experience on board the FLORENTIA…
page 152 …” After our documents had been checked, some sailors led us along corridors and down flights of stairs to our numbered beds. Mine was one of a triple deck. The beds were all lined up in a very large and high cargo hold. There were 3 cargo holds set up this way, each to accommodate 500 young single men (aged between 17 and 20 years)..
…The sailors started to remove the big mooring ropes that held the ship and I began to feel a deep pain as if something was breaking inside of me. …of leaving Italy and all I knew – hit me like a knife tearing me apart and tears started to roll down my face..

page 154…‘Making the situation worse for the more sensitive ones was the song, “Arrivederci Roma”, playing through the loud speakers all over the ship. …and tears rolled down our cheeks..”
Do you have any migrant statues in Abruzzo or in Italy you would like to share?
For interest in purchasing my father’s book “A DIFFICULT HARVEST” by SABATINO MASCI please contact Sabatino:
+61 7 3395 3929 or email carmen.sam@iinet.net.au
For interest in purchasing a copy of Angela Di Sciascio’s book ” FINDING VALAENTINO” please contact Angela