READ ABOUT WHAT IS NEW FOR 2019 – There is so much to explore with us at Touring Abruzzo.

Tours now include these destinations –  Abruzzo, Marche, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata regions.

We have central and southern Italy covered!

Touring Abruzzo Italy tours


– Anna Akhmatova

This is so true and many of you have certainly returned to Italy many times!    To those loyal guests who have visited Italy with us several times, I thank you immensely. There is always something new to explore but our service, knowledge and care are always present.
There is so much to experience in Abruzzo from the uncrowded Adriatic coastline to the magical mountains of the Maiella and Gran Sasso. The people are warm and welcoming whether you enjoy truffle hunting, cooking in a private home, having a coffee in a nonna’s house or just saying ciao to the market stall holders or to the bee keepers it is a truly happy corner of Italy.
Luciana will be celebrating 15 years of travel to Abruzzo, in 2019!                            A very special reunion in USA is planned for July 2019 to catch up with the many guests of Touring Abruzzo and now friends of Luciana.
Patricia and Roger – a huge thank you to you both for travelling with Luciana and her team on 4 different tours since 2008! It is a real honour to have escorted you to Abruzzo three times over 10 years, including Grand Tour of Abruzzo” and this year they were excited to experience our new tour “Tastes of Marche” which they absolutely loved. GRAZIE MILLE!
Diane – wonderful Diane has travelled to Abruzzo 3 years in a row! In fact, it was because of her, that Luciana created her most popular tour, 10 day “Grand tour of Abruzzo”, so that she would have new experiences in Abruzzo! Of course, Diane followed that again with some private day tours in Puglia with our guide Fabio.
Luci – In 2016, Luci and her friends visited Abruzzo for a short stay with a “Tastes of Abruzzo” tour followed by her Heritage and Ancestral research and reconnection in Abruzzo. Then this year, 2018 Luci returned with more girlfriends and wanted to see and experience more of her beloved land and so joined our “Grand Tour of Abruzzo”!
Filomena – What a fabulous time we all had with Filomena who travelled with her family and friends in 2015 discovering her own Abruzzo heritage and family with some Private Day Tours then in 2018 she returned again with a large group of more family and friends for more precious time with her Italian family… followed with a fully inclusive and immersive tour programme with “Grand Tour of Abruzzo”!
Make these delicious SAVOIARDI to share with family and friends this Christmas season! The family recipe is here..
ABRUZZO continues to offer:
*all inclusive small group travel
(nothing further out of pocket)
* personalised travel
* travel with like minded people
* professional tour escorts and local guides
* leaders in travel to Abruzzo, since 2004
* tour departures MAY to OCTOBER
* From AUD $2250 per person
MARCHE: new destination in central Italy:
This region is directly above Abruzzo and is full of fabulous towns with artistic and cultural value. Experience:
*Pesaro (birthplace of Rossini)
*Urbino (Renaissance beauty)
*Fabriano (ancient centre of paper making)
*Castelfidardo (artisans making piano accordions)…and so much more awaits.
tour departures: May/ June/ Sept/Oct
* From AUD $3630 per person
Puglia & Basilcata:
Did you know that Basilicata is named 2019 European Capital of Culture? All the focus will be on the stunning town of Matera…See it before the crowds come!
These southern Italy destinations are led by Fabio.
2019 tours include:
* Treasures of the South
* Back Roads of Puglia
* Treasures of Puglia 
* Back Roads of Basilicata
* From AUD $2820 per person
Your Italian Heritage & Private Day Tours:
Ask Luciana more today on how we can make your Italian dream come true with your Heritage research.  Meet the mayor, see your ancestral records, walk the same streets your family did centuries ago.Or 
If you have less time, you can visit these Italian regions as Private Day Tours. That is all possible. Just ask LUCIANA today!
* From AUD $270 per person

Touring Abruzzo has teamed up with colleagues in ROME to offer:
* Vespa Tours – in central Rome & the hills of Rome. Driver included and one passenger! Safe and comfortable.
* Cooking in Rome: enjoy a market tour then cook with chefs in Rome.

The New Year will bring several more classes to Brisbane. Register your interest now to secure your place!
Mark these dates on your 2019 calendar:
Sunday January 20: at Pause Restaurant, Samford
Sunday February 3: at Holland Park
SHOP ONLINE – Italian style

Touring Abruzzo has great merchandise direct from Abruzzo. Today’s feature is wonderful tasty truffle paste! If you like the great taste and aroma of the truffle dishes you had in Abruzzo or in your Italy travels, then you can order right here right now and have your truffle paste delivered to you.

SHOP HERE FOR YOUR TRUFFLE PASTE as well as 100% minced TRUFFLE…all from Abruzzo…absolutely!


SHOP HERE for your other gift ideas just in time for the Christmas season- find linen tea towels, presentose silver jewellery, Abuzzese ceramics, canvas art and much more… LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE.

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These delicious Italian pastries have a long history – being first mentioned in the 14th century in the Piemonte region of north west Italy. It was created in honour of the visit of the King of France.

Most regions of Italy have their version of Savoiardi from northern Italy to Sardegna. This pastry is the basis for making tiramisu’ and also zuppa inglese (trifle).

They are a sponge type biscuit, often dry and soft and in an oblong shape. Traditionally the egg whites are beaten separately to the egg yolks.

Savoiardi are great to soak up flavours of coffee or liqueur in making a dessert or to simply dip into your tea or coffee!

Well now you can try to make your very own savoiardi!

This recipe is the Abruzzo version given to me by my cousin Connie who now lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Touring Abruzzo Italy tours
Touring Abruzzo Italy tours

She makes it an easy way where all the ingredients are beaten together.

This recipe makes about 100 sponge fingers. You can make half the amount, reduce all ingredients by half.


6 eggs

1.5 cups sugar

1.5 cups vegetable oil (like sunflower, canola)

vanilla essence

lemon zest of one lemon, and juice of one lemon

5 cups self raising flour


  • Beat all the ingredients (except the flour) for 10 minutes, then fold in the flour with a spoon until mixed through.
  • Be careful not to mix too long as the air will come out of the mix.
  • Have a separate tray ready with 1/2 cup of caster sugar (fine sugar) and 1/2 cup of fine icing sugar.
  • Using a tablespoon, take a small amount (a dessertspoon amount) of the mix and place into the sugar mix. Place it in a long shape or oval shape and using 2 dry spoons, toss the sugar around the savoiardi. You need to work lightly and quickly so that it retains its shape.
  • Place them all on a tray with baking paper.
  • Bake in hot oven 170 deg, for about 7 – 10 min or so. The time will vary,  so  you need to stand at oven and watch them rise as they turn quickly to being overcooked and dark.
  • Remove from try and place on wire racks to cool.

ENJOY with a coffee, tea or sweet dessert liqueur!

Let the flavours transport you back to Italy!


This is a traditional cake made in Abruzzo, especially around Pescara.
The typical shape is a dome shaped cake. You can buy the moulds in any market in Abruzzo or kitchen shop in Abruzzo.
It is made using semolina instead of flour and along with the ground almonds it makes it a cake with a lot of texture…and great taste! 

The semolina used here is the fine ground white wheat. You can substitute it with fine white polenta for gluten free cooking.

Have a go and make it and relive your Italian heritage or your Italy travels. It is always a sensation when we make it and serve it. We made it in one of our recent Italian cooking classes this year.

If you do not have the right round dome mould then you can use any shape really.


Best Italy tours foodfullsizeoutput_92b1italian food tours


6 eggs
250 gr (9oz) sugar
150 gr (5 oz) almond meal, or ground almonds with skins on better Zest of 1 lemon
150 gr (5oz) semolina
2 tspns baking powder 

Chocolate Ganache Topping – melted dark choc and butter or olive oil 

* Pre heat oven to 180 deg C/350 F
* Beat egg whites separately with a pinch of salt until soft peaks form, add egg yolks, one at a time.
* Add the rest of the ingredients starting with sugar and beat until sugar dissolved
* Then gently fold in almonds, baking powder, semolina and lemon zest. Keep mixture aerated as there is no flour in this recipe.
* Cook in slow oven, 160 deg C/ 320 deg F for 45 -50 mins approx. Traditionally this is baked in a dome shaped baking tin, if not a round cake tin will be fine. Or can divide into small round tins, cooking time will be much less, ie 15 mins..
* When cake has cooled down – melt 200 gr dark chocolate and approximately 1-2 tablespoons of butter and cover top of the cooled cake. (90z)


When we receive a request to start heritage and genealogy research in Abruzzo it is always a pleasure. There is much excitement as to what will be uncovered – dates of birth, death or marriage. But not just that sometimes there are mysteries solved or reasons why people left Abruzzo to search fortunes and a better life in USA or Australia or Canada.

The icing on the cake is when we do manage to find living relatives. That is such a positive and it makes all the difference to reconnecting guests with their village, their region, their past and also their future. Often guests supply us with an address or a contact name and number which was handed down from past migrants going back to the homeland in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s …not knowing if these contacts are still valid or not.

It starts with finding the village in Abruzzo

It starts with locating the village in Abruzzo

The process is not an easy one as for each guest that has requested prior heritage research in Abruzzo we do take it seriously. There is an extensive on site field visit to the Abruzzese village. Not only are the archives located in the town hall but also we seek to find the ancestral house, or an address from where the family left back in the 1890’s to the early 1900’s. Then we visit the cemetery, the church and any other notable places in the village.

The church where the ancestors were married in Alanno
The church where the ancestors were married in Alanno

On the day itself, the hard work pays off and the magic unfolds. From start to finish it is an amazing experience both for us at Touring Abruzzo and for the guests. To see the smiles on their faces, the wonderment the awe and the happiness is really priceless.

Discovering the area is always a delight
Discovering the area is always a delight

We hear many stories of people having gone to their village independently and not finding a thing or arriving only to find the town hall closed or the mayor unavailable or disinterested. They are unable to connect in a meaningful way, speak no Italian or the local dialect or know how to meet the right people who will open up the right doors. In a small village it is vital to speak to a person who leads you to another, from the village priest to the town baker – all of whom are vital in piecing together a story and history for the guests who are coming to revisit their ancestral village.

Arriving in the ancestral village of Alanno
Arriving in the ancestral village of Alanno
Revisiting places where the family lived and worked is amazing
Revisiting places where the family lived and worked is amazing

The Italian family still in the village is equally amazed and excited as well – they have often heard stories of their grandparents and their siblings going to overseas to the States and often returning with money made over there. Some would remain in Abruzzo then other family members would join those still in America. It really makes their dreams come true, which is so special.


Connecting with new family in Abruzzo is priceless!
Connecting with new family in Abruzzo is priceless. The best Italy vacation ever that is for sure!


Sharing stories and photos
Sharing stories and photos


Great memories and reminiscences
Great memories and reminiscences

If you want to contact us to learn how you can be part of something grand and bigger and more meaningful in searching for your ancestral village in Abruzzo, Italy then ask us more here. We can assist in all stages of your planning, to your arrival as well as seeing more and experiencing more of what Abruzzo has to offer with some special private day tours in Abruzzo to complete your Italy tours and vacations, which can be added on when you visit Abruzzo with us.

The grand finale - a family lunch
The grand finale – a family lunch

We are happy to release this very special video footage (4 minutes) which has taken a long while to create.

Over these valuable 4 minutes you can be transported to another world – a world of traditions, tranquillity and timelessness.

This is Abruzzo, the Italy you have been searching for. Explore this little known gem of central Italy with us…from the glorious Apennine mountains to the blue of the Adriatic coast, Abruzzo has something for everyone. Touring Abruzzo offers custom and private tours, heritage/genealogy services and small group tours throughout the year.

Help us celebrate 14 years of travel to Abruzzo and travel to Italy. 

Over the years Luciana has made so many real and meaningful connections with her local people of Abruzzo, who are equally excited to share the beauty of this quiet and little known region. The many  goldsmiths, wrought iron artisans, farmers, olive oil producers, wine makers, cheesemakers, truffle hunters, custodians of museums, restaurateurs cooks, chefs and just wonderful local Abruzzese – I take my hat off to you and thank you for all you who have shared your love and passion for this land with me and my team at Touring Abruzzo.

Travel to Italy with us, knowing you will be taken care of.

Arrive in Italy as a guest…and leave as a friend..

Read our latest issue of our e-Newsletter for Italy Travel with Touring Abruzzo.
See what is new in 2018!


TOUR ITALY with Touring Abruzzo.  
Lots of reasons & regions to discover this summer.
We are so proud to celebrate 14 years of travel to ABRUZZO, Italy – sharing the best the region has to offer with other like minded guests. Whether it is to explore something new in Italy or to rediscover your Italian heritage, Abruzzo offers so much. Luciana and her team of local specialists provide the best Italy experience…ever. An Italy vacation to remember.

Whether you want to walk in any of the three national parks…treasure hunt for truffles…reconnect with your ancestral village or simply observe typical village life, then look no further than beautiful Abruzzo… 


Departures for Abruzzo this summer:
  •  June 3-6; June 17-20: Tastes of Abruzzo (4 days)
  • June 3-12: Grand Tour of Abruzzo (10 days) ** this is the most popular of all our Abruzzo tour programmes.
  • June 17-24: Back Roads of Abruzzo (8 days)                                
Departures this autumn/fall:
  • September 17-20: Tastes of Abruzzo (4 days)
  • September 17-26: Grand Tour of Abruzzo (10 days)

Prices from USD $1800 pp, all inclusive & small group travel

PRIVATE DAY TOURS IN ABRUZZO are available year round (from USD $200 pp)

MARCHE region is the exciting new region to be added to Touring Abruzzo’s tour programmes in 2018. Launching this month the inaugural departure is for May 23.
Located just above Abruzzo, it is also a wonderful central Italian region often little known to those travelling to Italy. Luciana and colleague Guido have personally created a wonderful 6 day programme including:
  • marvellous landscapes
  • visits to medieval centres for paper making in Fabriano
  • visits to piano accordion makers, wine and olive oil producers of Marche region
  • visits to the birthplaces and homes of composer Rossini in Pesaro and Renaissance master Raphael or Raffello Sanzio of Urbino.
  • fabulous local cuisine of the Marche …

2018 Dates: May 23 -28; June 21-26; September 21-26.

Prices from USD $3300 pp – small group travel

PERFECT PUGLIA: June, September & October departures.
Many options to choose from – 4, 8 or 10 days in Puglia.
Travel with Fabio your Puglia tour specialist.

PRICES from USD $2200 pp, small group travel



BACK ROADS OF BASILICATA:  September 1 & October 17 departures.
8 days of exploring the deep south of Italy.

Travel with Fabio your Basilicata tour specialist. 

PRICES from USD $2200 pp, small group travel


FEATURE RECIPE: TARTUFINI  (Little Chocolate Truffles)
I am putting this recipe in as it is back by popular demand. I know a few of you have made it and they taste great!
Happy Cooking and many happy memories of Italy too!


250gr (8 oz) whole almonds with skin on – ground
200gr (7 oz) sugar
1/2 coffee cup (1.5-2.0 fluid oz) of liqueur eg Tia Maria
1 tbspn dark cocoa
400gr (14 oz)sponge cake or plain soft cake, crumbled
Espresso coffee as needed


In a bowl, crumble the sponge cake into fine crumbs, add the ground almonds,
sugar and cocoa.
Add the liqueur slowly, then add the espresso coffee – enough to make a firm
dough and not too wet.
Need to roll into round walnut sized shapes to resemble truffles.
Roll in powdered sifted cocoa or in choc shavings or choc hail.
When cooled in fridge and ready to serve, place in small patty cases.

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When most of Europe and the northern hemisphere celebrates Labour Day or May Day, in Abruzzo there is a wonderful food tradition each May 1, in a little corner in the north of the region. If you are visiting the northern province of Teramo in Abruzzo this spring then be sure to be there on the 1st May when an ancient food tradition will be featured all over the province.

Traditionally this time in May marks the end of the winter and the promise of spring. Food wise it was when the bare winter cupboards and pantry were emptied of what could be found and added with some greens of springtime. Hence the dish

“Le Virtu” (The Virtues) was created – a thick and hearty soup or ‘minestra’. It is a wonderful healthy and robust mix of dried legumes and beans, odd bits of dried pasta in varying shapes and lengths, some pieces of fresh or cured meats as well as fresh herbs and wild greens.

Every family in the province of Teramo had their own personal recipe and way of making it with what they had, so it was truly a peasant dish of the poor, known as ‘la cucina povera’. Today though, this type of cooking is appreciated again and has risen in it’s culinary heights and can be found in many restaurants in Abruzzo.

Le Virtu' a typical spring dish in Abruzzo
Le Virtu’ a typical spring dish in Abruzzo  (Photo from

The variety of ingredients that were used led to great creativity in the kitchen. For example any of these typical fresh greens or foraged wild greens could be included, such as: wild chicory, wild asparagus, dandelion, silverbeet, spinach, artichokes, endive and borage. Legumes could be anything from lentils, borlotti beans, cannellini beans, chick peas, to fresh peas and broad beans of the season. Even the pasta could be a blend of dried pasta and some fresh pasta.

To flavour the VIRTU‘ dish many fresh herbs can be used such as sage, marjoram, thyme, celery, parsley, wild mint, wild fennel, dill and spices included pepper and nutmeg.

Wild Asparagus in Abruzzo
Wild Asparagus in Abruzzo


It is truly a feast for the senses!

On your next Italy vacation, tour more of Italy and a visit to Abruzzo is a must on your Italy tour programme where you can discover this seasonal celebration and other great traditional dishes.

If you want to try making this dish here is the recipe from Bon Appetit 

Well BUON APPETITO to you!

I am so happy to share with you the article in last week’s Lismore Northern Star paper, about my father’s (Sabatino Masci) emotional journey back to where it started for him in Australia in 1952. I took him back to Lismore and he relived his hard times as a migrant. His book “A Difficult Harvest” captures all his memories beautifully. Not bad to write one’s memoires at age 80!


From Italy with love
From Italy with love

It all started in Abruzzo – the central Italy region where my parents were born and raised. During the post war years poverty and hardship were rife.. unemployment was high and the Italian feudal system was actually still alive and well. Poor tenant farmers like my father’s family endured a subsistence living.. eking out as much as they could from the small parcel of land given to them to work. The lord or boss of the estate always had first pick of the produce and would be at least 50% which would go to their landlord’s household. This included many eggs, seasonal vegetables like artichokes, zucchini, eggplants, chickens and other farm animals raised. When preparing the pig during the freezing winter months the best cuts would go to the lord of course.This would leave the poor farmers with mostly the cheaper cuts like offal (lung, heart and liver) or the trotters.. Of course great culinary traditions and dishes sprung from these meagre ingredients.

Sabatino decided at age 19 to leave his native land and try out his luck in Australia as a sponsored migrant. 42 days later he arrives on Australian shores ready to make a new life. The book has beautiful descriptions of life as a child in Abruzzo and what he did to survive. His times as a young innocent 11 year old during World War 2 and then his departure at age 19 from Italy to Australia.

Once in Australia he was sent to the migrant camp of Bonegilla in Victoria and from there he went further north at a dairy milking cows, then he settled upon banana farming in the bush from Lismore. It was at a place called Bentley Creek on the road to Kyogle.

Fast foward 55 years and Sabatino now aged 85 years old has had the opportunity to revisit this area of northern NSW and luckily his mates Jim and Peter were still alive and also 85 years old. It was such a great reunion and to see them so happy together, retelling stories of that time. Like going wild boar hunting and they lost their dogs, shooting the creek to bring up the eels and walking through the bush in pitch black darkness to get back to their farm shacks.

Chatting about old times
Chatting about old times
Reunion at the Italo Australian club Lismore
Reunion at the Italo Australian club Lismore

Another wonderful highlight in my father’s life there was that he was not married in the usual style.. He married by proxy that is he sent for his future wife Rosa from the same village in Abruzzo. She of course could not come out as an unmarried woman so she agreed and their legal marriage was done by proxy where Rosa was still in Ripa Teatina and dad was in Lismore. To be exact he was at St Carthage’s office where the papers were signed. You could say it was Married at first sight!!

Marriage Italian Australian style by proxy
St Carthage where Sabatino married by proxy in 1956


Married at First Sight Italian style 1957
Married at First Sight Italian style 1957
Sabatino with his horses Lismore
Sabatino with his horses Lismore

We donated a copy of his book to the Lismore Public Library so it can be read by all. His story echos many of the European migrants of that time. It is heartfelt and frank at the same time.

Donation of A DIFFICULT HARVEST to Lismore Public Library
Donation of A DIFFICULT HARVEST to Lismore Public Library
Revisiting the church where Sabatino was married by proxy
Revisiting the church where Sabatino was married by proxy



Article in Lismore's paper THE NORTHERN STAR
Article in Lismore’s paper THE NORTHERN STAR

If you would like to purchase a copy of Sabatino Masci’s autobiography please contact Touring Abruzzo. Happy to ship anywhere in the world. COST IS AUD $29.95 plus postage. (USD $23.95 plus postage).



Travel to Italy has never gone out of fashion – in fact for Australians it is one of the top destinations we love to travel to alongside France! Almost 1 million Australians travel to Italy each year. That is alot of people, alot of travel and alot of tours to Italy.

Worldwide, the numbers of visitors to Italy total 30 million people which is staggering considering the population of Italy is in the 60 million mark!

Wherever you choose to tour Italy you will certainly come across breath taking scenery, wonderful sights such as historical Italian cities, classic architecture, hilltop villages as well as fabulous art works in wonderful world class museums.

Most travellers choose to visit the holy trinity of Italian cities – Rome, Florence and Venice. The Colosseum  and Pantheon of Rome, the amazing Renaissance culture of Florence and the rich traditions, history and waterways of Venice. Each city has its own treasures to offer, but Italy can be and is so much more.

Travel to Italy from Australia takes around 24 hrs and from USA around 8 hrs or so. To travel this great distance definitely must take alot of planning and research to make it the best Italy tour and travel you can do in the time you have. Traditionally Australians tend to travel for 3 – 6 weeks while USA travellers spend around 1 – 2 weeks on their Europe travels. For Australians, Italy travel would comprise at least 2 weeks of their time away.

The preference seems to be a mix of independent travel as well as choosing a tour of Italy.

There are so many choices in the marketplace as to what is the best tour of Italy. The best choice is to be able to include real experiences of village Italy where you can immerse into the true Italian way of life, as well as being able to see important sites of historic and cultural value

By far the most rewarding experience is to be able to travel on the road less travelled to avoid queues and be able to connect with the local Italian people and culture. Only small towns and villages in Italy can offer this to the discerning traveller.

The best time to visit Italy is in the northern hemisphere Spring (May /June) and the Autumn or fall season which is September/October. The crowds travelling to Italy are much less and you can avoid the hottest months as well. Temperatures in the summer can exceed 30 deg C whereas in Spring and Autumn you will enjoy cooler temperatures of 17 – 25 deg C generally.

For travel to Italy it is always best to dress in layers so you will be prepared for various climates. Start the day in a light shirt and pants then as the evening sets in you can add a light jacket or a scarf or cardigan.

It is always best to wear comfortable non slip shoes which can take you from walking in the countryside and national park to strolling through a village or queueing in a line for a museum.

Wherever you travel in Italy, be sure to enjoy the Dolce Vita and take time to relax, unwind and sip your morning coffee in an authentic Italian cafe’ or sit in a piazza or village square and watch the world go by.

Coffees will be in the form of an espresso, which is a very short black coffee..It is unlike the coffees you are used to in Australia or in the States as you will be served a small coffee cup with about 2 cm of coffee!
If you order a ristretto,  your coffee will be even smaller with about 1 cm of coffee, packed with a punch of pure coffee heaven.

You may know never, never to order a latte,  as you will be served hot milk! Yes that is right, so be sure to ask for a latte macchiato –  which is hot milk and a serve of coffee in that.

Enjoy your travels to Italy and be sure to find the right Italy tour for you!

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Learn about the latest Italy tours lined up for 2018 with Touring Abruzzo. Read about what is hot in the New Year and the exciting new destinations to central and southern Italy. Viva La Dolce Vita!

Wishing you all a very happy and special Christmas season and thank you to all our valued guests over the years…. Grazie mille!

This next year marks Luciana’s 14th year of travel to Abruzzo, Italy and over the years has shown hundreds and hundreds of wonderful guests the beauty of this central Italian region. In the last 4 yrs, Touring Abruzzo has grown with demand and requests from many past guests and so Luciana has created exciting new Italy tour itineraries which take in areas in central and southern Italy.

Like our small group tour programmes to Puglia – the ‘heel’ of Italy in the south, as well as to ‘Basilicata’ which borders Puglia and which not many travellers know about…until now!

With these fully escorted tours and with Touring Abruzzo’s knowledgeable local guides you will certainly have a full immersion into an authentic Italian lifestyle and see little known or discovered destinations. A real treat awaits you…

The hot new and interesting destination for 2018 ready to be launched by Touring Abruzzo is to the north of Abruzzo,

LE MARCHE  – a land straddled between the beauty of the Adriatic coast and the Apennines to the west. Another central Italy region to explore and understand. Travel on the path less visited with us…

 Read more here in Touring Abruzzo’s latest newsletter 


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Your guide to travelling in Italy:

What is in store for you in 2018...

After another wonderful touring season in Italy covering Abruzzo, Puglia, Basilicata and Molise this year we are proud to be well and truly ready for our 14th year of travel for 2018 with Touring Abruzzo. The 2018 Italy tour programme is now out and reservations are coming in! Choose your small group boutique tour experience or custom made private tour here and read on:

ABRUZZO: Choose a 4, 8, 10 day tour or design your own custom made journey…
If you only have time for a short stay in Abruzzo, then TASTES of ABRUZZO’ is perfect.
Over 4 days you will explore the northern Abruzzo region and you will be based in a beautiful hilltop village of Civitella del Tronto. From here you can experience the pleasure of living like a local, following a truffle hunt, seeing ancient fortresses and medieval art and cook with local ladies of Abruzzo.  2018 Departures: May 28, June 3, June 17, June 19 and September 17.
* ‘BACK ROADS of ABRUZZO’ is an 8 day journey which extends on the previous tour by including more of the central Abruzzo area along the Adriatic coast and into the Apennine mountains with the Maiella National Park area.  2018 Departures: June 17 and June 19.
* ‘GRAND TOUR of ABRUZZO’ will take you through most of the Abruzzo region over 10 days and has been the most popular tour for several years. 2018 departures: June 3 and September 17
One of this year’s highlights was to see some Apennine wolves (lupus italicus) in the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise. Our hiking guide Antonella took us on some gentle walks through the area and we indulged in a special al fresco banquet put together by Luciana.  This stunning photo was taken by Fabio courtesy of

PUGLIA – Choose a 4, 8, 10 day tour (June – October) or reserve your own private tour.
These tours are lead by Fabio, a very special member of the Touring Abruzzo team. He is a great guide and equally passionate archeologist who is knowledgeable and takes great care of each guest. We pride ourselves in showing you a true and authentic Puglia, often off the main tourist paths and each tour has a special mix of history, art, culture, food and wine (of course!).
* Limited time?  Why not try our  TASTES of PUGLIA’ tour which is a short 4 daystay based in Lecce (Baroque capital of the south).  2018 Departures: June 16, June 25 and October 1. 
*BACK ROADS OF PUGLIA’ takes in central and southern Puglia from Ostuni to Lecce over
8 days.   2018 Departures: June 13 and September 28. 
TREASURES OF PUGLIA’ – is the most popular Puglia programme and covers most of the length of the region from Trani to Lecce over glorious sun filled 10 days.
2018 Departures: June 10 and September 25. One of the highlights this year in Puglia would have to be visiting some local weavers who are passing on their traditions to the next generation of women. Using ancient olive wood looms and traditional patterns they are literally weaving magic with fabulous wool and cotton rugs and scarves made of cashmere, linen or silk thread.

BASILICATA –  This undiscovered gem of Italy’s south is a must see destination. See it in 2018 as in 2019 it has been voted the European Capital of Culture and the numbers of visitors is surely set to rise…
* ‘BACK ROADS OF BASILICATA’ – offers a total experience of the region over 8 days. Stay in a restored farmhouse in northern Basilicata as well as in Matera. Explore medieval castles, taste incredible Aglianico wines, enjoy a hands on cooking class, visit amazing hilltop villages and understand the rich history from the Greeks, Arabs and Normans.
 2018 Departures: September 1 and October 17.
Ready to explore something new in Italy? Let the Touring Abruzzo team take you on another amazing journey into central Italy where the roads are far less travelled..
Over 5 glorious days in Spring and Autumn you will be taken to the birthplace of composer Rossini, see the Miracle of the Black Madonna of Loreto, visit true artisans making piano accordions and hand made paper over the centuries. There will be time to visit local winemakers and explore the beautiful hilltop villages such as Urbino… See this part of Italy…the slow way…
                                      2018 Departures: May 23, June 21 & September 21ITALY TOURS TO REMEMBER
                      Slow down and relax on the roads less travelled in Italy..
Small group tours, personalised and professional service,
run by Luciana and her team…with passion and great local knowledge.
Join Luciana in the new 2018 Cooking Classes in Brisbane, Australia:
 February 10, March 18, April 15.
The first class will kick off with a great menu including: fried stuffed olives, summer spelt salad, tortellini filled with ricotta and walnuts, Abruzzese style lamb with egg, cheese and lemon. Dessert is a great treat as well!
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Remember places are strictly limited and do fill quickly.
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