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Let’s Go On and Italian Holiday ~ To Basilicata, Southern Italy

If you are interested in seeing another side of Italy that few others get to see, then Basilicata tours are exactly what you are looking for. Heritage and history are found in Basilicata, a small region nestled in the heart of Southern Italy, where you are guided through medieval architecture, Roman buildings, national parks and stunning woodlands.

During our ‘Back Roads Tour of Basilicata’, you are guided through the amazing landscapes in Matera, Melfi and Metaponto by our legendary guide Fabio, an archaeologist who specialises in Greek, Roman and the Medieval eras. During each stop in the villages of Basilicata, you will learn about the rich history behind the ancient buildings and castles in an intimate setting without hundreds of other tourists interrupting you.

To make sure none of our guests goes hungry, we include divine tastings of the regional foods found in Basilicata such as homemade pasta dishes, pork, lamb and artisan cheese straight from the shepherd’s hands. Our Basilicata tour packages only have a maximum of 12 people, there is no rush when you are travelling in this part of Italy instead, you have the chance to sit in the tranquil countryside with magnificent views and slowly sample every morsel of food.

For those who wish to explore the art of Italian food and how it is made, our ‘Back Roads of Basilicata’ tour includes cooking lessons, 8 lunches,  and exclusive tours of food producers. In keeping with our policy of small group tour, you will be assured of private one on one sessions with Italian chefs who will share how to prepare divine pasta dishes and more.

At Touring Abruzzo tours, we work by the philosophy of selecting the road less travelled which means your tour of Basilicata is unique, private and without the tourist crowds seen in major tourist spots in Italy. We don’t want our guests to feel rushed or that you are just ferried from one town to another –  we want you to become immersed in Italian culture and appreciate the history that has made Italy what it is today.

Book one of our Basilicata tour & Italy vacation packages today and come join us in a private tour of the heart of Southern Italy.

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