ARTISANS of ABRUZZO – Yearly exhibition in Guardiagrele

Every year from August 1 – 20, Guardiagrele hosts a lovely exhibition of Abruzzo’s artisans. It has been running for 44 years and this year there is an interesting selection of works from artisans ranging from ceramic work, gold and silver filigree jewellery, weaving, stone masons, wrought iron work as well as fine embroidery and bobbin lace.
I particularly enjoyed the maiolica ware ceramics of Abruzzese dolls (see above in gallery) dressed in traditional costumes from various villages. The artisan is Alfredo Di Gabriele from Castelli, in northern Abruzzo which is the centre of maiolica ware production in Abruzzo Italy. Also the coffee pot (see above in gallery) is by a Rapino artist, Giovannina Tasca
The weaving also was wonderful by local Professor Angelo Adorante. Have a look at the official site for this exhibiton:
Hopefully you will have a chance to visit next year when you come to ABRUZZO!