ARTISANS of ABRUZZO: La Presentosa

Gold Filigree Jewellery LA PRESENTOSA
What is filigree work? It is the term used by artisans to describe the workmanship of working fine strands of gold or silver which are plaited or twisted. Initially due to the cost,  low carat gold was used (8 & 12 carats) and with low labour costs the filigree technique was favoured as it used less gold but still looked like a precious piece with alot of workmanship.
What is a presentosa? The Presentosa is a star shaped pendant with delicate open gold filigree work which enclose symbols of eternal love – the heart. Traditionally known only in Abruzzo, it is a jewel, a gift that a suitor would give to his beloved to mark their commitment or engagement.
Presentosa with 2 hearts linked by a crescent moon.
You may see presentose with one heart or two hearts with various other symbols. Tradition has it that one heart is said to symbolise the unmarried woman or that the mother gives it to her daughter.. Two hearts could suggest an engaged or ‘betrothed’ couple..while two hearts joined by a half moon suggest a married woman, linked to each other.
This way, wearing such a pendant could indicate the marital status of the wearer. Which one would you like to wear?
Silver filigree presentose
Archives show that these pendants would have first been made in the 1700’s and craftsmen from workshops in villages such as Sulmona, Pescocostanzo, Scanno, L’Aquila as well as Guardiagrele.
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Stone carving of Presentosa