Tastes of Abruzzo

(4 days) Indulge in the local cuisine and wines of Abruzzo. Enjoy a private cooking class and live like a

Back Roads Of Abruzzo

(8days) Enjoy authentic village life in Abruzzo as you travel off the beaten path. Delight in medieval churches and artwork

Grand Tour Of Abruzzo

(10 days) A truly immersive cultural experience. This longer programme offers the best of northen, central and southern Abruzzo. Small

Treasures Of The South

See the best of Italy's south - both magic and mysterious. 'TREASURES OF THE SOUTH' Tour (10 days) The extraordinary

Private Day Tours Italy

Choose from a range of Day Tours available throughout Abruzzo. Private basis only.

Your Abruzzo Heritage

Retrace your ancestral village with private & custom services by LUCIANA and her team

Abruzzo Italy Tours ... the Italy tours you have been searching for.

A trip to Italy is a once in a lifetime journey but when you go to Rome, Venice or Florence, you miss out on learning about Italian history and culture because you are just ferried from one place to another without really spending quality time at a given place.

If you want to avoid this way of travelling, rather take the road less travelled with Abruzzo Tours, a specialist touring agency that believes in taking things slowly and savouring every part of your holiday. Founded by Luciana, who has 16 years of experience in planning some of the best private and intimate tours of southern Italy, Abruzzo tours allow you to enjoy your trip at the pace you choose and Italy travel packages you choose.

Each tour whether in Abruzzo, Puglia, Basilicata, Sardinia or Molise only allows 12 people at a time in a group so that you can learn more from your guide about the history and culture of the villages that surround you without the rush of hundreds of tourists and crowded street walks.

We offer a variety of unique tours that allow you to create your Italian adventure in the way you want to experience Italy tours. Our grand tour option includes 10 days of travelling bliss where you are personally guided by Luciana and other local guides in Abruzzo. You will travel through Northern, Central and Southern Abruzzo, sampling traditional foods, eating at family-run restaurants with hundred-year-old recipes and even be part of the art of truffle hunting (and you get to enjoy the truffle feast afterwards).

One of the more unique tours is for those who wish to understand their heritage and the country that their grandparents or greatparents grew up in. The Abruzzo Italy Heritage Tour includes a one on one meeting with the local mayor and access to the town hall that’s filled with the registry of births, marriages and deaths in Abruzzo and then a stop at the local cemetery with old stories of the past. This is a very historical and culture enriched tour for those who want to better understand their ancestral origins.

With so much to offer and with unparalleled views, Touring Abruzzo Italy is the operator of choice for those who want an intimate and private tour of central Italy. Some of the best tours can be had in Abruzzo Italy, Basilicata or Puglia so find out more today and let’s get you started on your trip to Italy.

``Touring Abruzzo with Luciana - You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend``

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