Abruzzese in Australia I am proud of..Part 2


2) Masci & Co    http://www.mascico.com.au

I have a newly discovered cousin in Melbourne – Daniel Masci. Our great grandfathers were brothers and our strong family ties have linked us back to Abruzzo when Daniel visited Abruzzo on one of my tours! As soon as he rediscovered his ancestral ties to his family village of VILLAMAGNA, he
…”fell in love with the culture, people, magical sites and especially the sense of pride that the Abruzzese people have for their town, country, villages and especially family and food.

The Masci family in Australia to this day continues with traditions such as homemade pasta sauce, where the family comes together to spend a day boiling tomatoes, filling jars with fresh basil and pressing the tomatoes to a beautiful Pomodori salsa (tomato sauce). Fresh pasta is always being made at Zia (Aunty) Maria’s the traditional and best way. Our products are from our family and friends in Abruzzo and we are very proud to offer what we consider some of the finest quality products from the region.
Daniel set out to create Masci & Co, an import company in Melbourne that is bringing the finest quality artisan products from the rugged region of Abruzzo, Italy to Australia. Wine from a family winery in Villamagna, Truffle products hand selected and hunted, handpicked vegetable pestos, fresh made pasta and many other products that have been selected with care from local suppliers dedicated to quality.
Daniel now imports some exclusive fabulous gourmet items from Abruzzo into Australia – items that will never be seen in any deli or shop.. Look out for:
* Abruzzo wines: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red wine, Trebbiano and Pecorino white wine from VALLE MARTELLO winery (also another Masci family business, another cousin!)
* Pasta Maiella: great durum wheat pastas made from the finest flours and purest water from the Maiella mountains.
* Condiments: delicious wine jellies made with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Chardonnay grapes (to accompany the finest pecorino sheep milk cheeses)
as well as Spreads – like artichoke pate spread and broad bean spread (fabulous on warm bruschetta bread!)

NEWS from MASCI & CO: “We are really excited to finally open the shop and having a grand opening in Fitro
Saturday 1st Feb 3.00 – 5.00. we will be making some amazing pasta, have samples of all our antipasto and just having a celebrating really, we would love to see you all down here.”

Contact Daniel Masci to find out more:  info@mascico.com.au