5 REASONS TO VISIT PUGLIA – Southern Italy’s treasure

5 Reasons To Visit Puglia
Located on Italy’s east coast, the southern Italian region of Puglia is paradise for those wanting an authentic taste of Italy. Escaping the crowds of Rome and Tuscany will lead you into an immersive cultural experience; with a population of just over 4 million people, you will experience a bustling part of Italy without getting lost in the crowds.
Summer and spring are the best times to visit Puglia. These months will give you the ideal weather to experience the beaches and cultural attractions on offer. Travel in spring to beat the crowds and still have the perfect weather for Puglia’s getaways.
Here are our five reasons why you should visit “Italy’s heel” on your next adventure:

Castle of Trani

Visit the splendours of TRANI
1. The Cuisine
Traditional Pugliese lunches include pasta and wine – if you visit Puglia you are sure to indulge in both! Puglia is also home to wonderful artisan bread and the Pugliese people have been making bread for centuries. This southern region is famous for its wines, all of which pair perfectly with the cheese, olives and other types of authentic Italian cuisine that Puglia is known for. Home grown and homemade, the diverse cuisine will have your tastebuds singing!

The Italian Cuisine

Tastes the traditional delights of PUGLIA
2. The History
Throughout history Puglia has been a strategic position for controlling trade in the Mediterranean. Many cultures over the centuries have made their mark on Italy’s coastal region, all leaving great archaeological sites to be discovered. When travelling through Puglia you will experience cathedrals built in the 13th century, whitewashed seaside towns, grand opera houses and more. Perhaps one of the most special places to visit is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Castel Del Monte. Built in the 13th century, the octagonal castle is truly stunning.


Learn about PUGLIA’s turbulent history and marvellous architecture
3. The Culture
Archaeological museums, artisan weavers, ceramic artisans and traditional 17th century papier mâché are just the start of the cultural experience Puglia has to offer. Learn the ancient trades of basket weaving and pottery, or experience the fast paced energy of the tarantella dance.


Discover the treasures of PUGLIA’s fine artisans
4. The Climate
Like many provinces in Southern Italy, the weather in Puglia is perfect. The Mediterranean climate means that – although summer is hot – it is lacking in humidity. This makes travelling extremely pleasant, even at temperatures over 30 degrees. Autumn is still relatively warm, and winter only ever drops to around 12 degrees. Puglia is beautiful all year round!


Enjoy PUGLIA’s wonderful Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic coastline
5. Off the Beaten Track
Puglia allows you to escape the tourist crowds of other cities and to fully  immerse yourself in Italian culture. If you want a quiet getaway, the countryside provides perfect peace and tranquillity. Filled with olive trees and vineyards, it is just the place to take a break from your busy travel schedules. Alternatively, a seaside oasis may be your calling. With caves to explore and beaches to enjoy, Puglia’s coastal towns have many beautiful villages perched on steep cliffs. The stunning scenery alone is enough reason to visit.
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