Basilicata… lose yourself in the heart of southern Italy.
‘Back Roads of Basilicata’ Tour (8 days)

Basilicata, in the heart of Southern Italy is a region to explore and truly immerse in its rich history and traditions. Travelling off the beaten track you will discover amazing national parks, woodlands and ancient villages perched high.  Come and experience more of the real Italy with Luciana’s team.

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On a ‘Back Roads of Basilicata‘ tour you will enjoy a taste of  an Italy which you just cannot stumble across. Choose to visit this gem of southern Italy with new experiences and places which are tranquil and serene far from the tourist crowds.  Over the 8 days, your specialist guide and archeologist Fabio, will take you on an amazing journey of discovery of this ancient land of Lucania. Amazing landscapes and towns such as Matera, Melfi, Metaponto will astound and delight as you are transported from pre history to Greek, Norman  and Medieval times.
You will taste the regional flavours of Basilicata – food sprung from poverty and from making something out of nothing. Enjoy pasta dishes, seasonal vegetables, pork, lamb and rabbit and artisan cheeses made by the shepherds.



Basilicata is nestled between Calabria and Puglia in southern Italy and lies between the Ionian and the Tyrrenhian coasts. It is a treasure trove of ancient archeological sites from the Greek and Roman eras; hidden caves with Christian art and villages lost in time. The lush woodlands and chestnut trees and pasture lands are also a delight to experience.
This is a fully escorted, all inclusive small group tour (no more than 12 guests) led by Fabio.


May 20 – 23 (8 days)

October 17 – 24 (8 days)


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AUD Dollars

$5640 per person, twin share (AUD $950 single supplement)

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Bari, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy

Bisceglie, Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, Italy

Ruvo di Puglia, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy

Venosa, Province of Potenza, Italy

Melfi, Province of Potenza, Italy

Acerenza, Province of Potenza, Italy

Forenza, Province of Potenza, Italy

Pisticci, Province of Matera, Italy

Craco, Province of Matera, Italy

Valsinni, Province of Matera, Italy

Tursi, Province of Matera, Italy

Metaponto, Province of Matera, Italy

Bernalda, Province of Matera, Italy

Matera, Province of Matera, Italy

Bari, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy