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About Luciana - Italy Tours Guide

Hi, I am Luciana Masci and welcome you to my website and blog. Throughout these pages you can share my love and passion for all things Abruzzese. Having lived there and worked there with my tours over the last 11 years I have truly reconnected with my ancestral heritage, my family and my village in Abruzzo. I have also reconnected others from all over the world to rediscover their Abruzzese heritage, ancestral village and meet their new family in Abruzzo… Hoping you will enjoy the many stories, recipes, latest news and travel information that makes Abruzzo the best destination for great Italy tours. Stay tuned for my cooking classes in Brisbane (Australia).

Born in Australia, Luciana‘s Abruzzese heritage and cultural ties have remained strong. Her parents migrated to Australia from Abruzzo in the 1950’s, however the extended family still in Abruzzo welcome her back over the years. A long rewarding career in physiotherapy (physical therapy) in Australia led the way for Luciana to follow her next dream from 2004 to today- to return to her ancestral home and create special itineraries and Italy tours in Abruzzo to share with like minded travellers.. She has been a specialist tour guide in Abruzzo with a vast network of friends, family and locals who have helped her discover new and exciting places in her beloved Abruzzo.

Luciana is fluent in the regional Abruzzese dialect and Italian language which were her first languages before learning English. She has taught Italian language and Italian cooking in Brisbane as a way of sharing ‘la dolce vita”… The time in Abruzzo has become a natural extension of her passion for her people and land. Luciana is now compiling a collection of Abruzzese recipes handed down from her mother, aunties and the many family and friends in Abruzzo. Her passion lies with creating memorable and adventurous Italy tours for many more travelers around the world.

Manuela - Local Tours of Italy Specialist - Touring Abruzzo

About Manuela - Local Tours of Italy Specialist

Manuela, is from l’Aquila – Abruzzo’s capital. She has studied Classical Archeology at the University of Viterbo, Lazio along with history and art and graduated in 2007. She is also a guide in Abruzzo, taking many Italians and English speaking visitors through her beautiful native region on their tours of Italy.

Her family is from a long line of shepherds and cheesemakers, with her uncle one of the notable
cheesemakers of pecorino sheep cheese in the Gran Sasso National Park area. Manuela continues this passion with making her own unique line of cow’s milk yoghurt. Manuela has been working closely with Luciana for several years now to bring a real taste of Abruzzo to the guests.

Guido - Italy Tours Local Expert - Touring Abruzzo

About Guido - Italy Tours Local Expert

Guido is from Civitella Del Tronto in northern Abruzzo and hails from an old noble family in the area. He is dedicated and passionate about his village and his native region of Abruzzo that he has become one of the few English guides at the Fortress complex in Civitella del Tronto. In 2013, Guido and his colleagues established a private museum in the village, featuring one of the largest collections of textiles and clothing from the 1800’s from his family and from the locals. Guido loves Abruzzo with its food, culture and traditions and above all to share his passion with other guests and to show the many undiscovered gems of this amazing region on their Italy tours.

About Teresa - Tours of Italy - Touring Abruzzo

About Teresa - Tours of Italy

Teresa grew up in Pescara and studied Foreign Languages and Teaching at the University of Gabriele D’Annunzio, Abruzzo.

She has been teaching English at secondary school for nearly 30 years and is very fluent in English. Her passions are reading in several languages, cooking traditional Abruzzese dishes for her family and friends as well as gardening and visiting museums and loves art and history. She has travelled extensively but always remains attached to her heritage and her beautiful Abruzzo. She is a valuable member of Luciana’s team to help accompany guests whilst on their tour of Italy, also helping to translate and share her love of Abruzzo and its people.

About Chef Maurizio - Italy Travel Packages - Touring Abruzzo

About Chef Maurizio - Italy Travel Packages

Chef Maurizio is from Rosciano in the Pescara province. He studied at the well known Hospitality School at Villa Santa where many famous chefs around the world have hailed from. After having his own restaurant in Abruzzo, he now teaches the next generation of chefs at Pescara at a hospitality school. He is also in demand to prepare for many private and business functions across the region. He loves his native region of Abruzzo and all the fabulous ingredients from fresh seafood, lamb, truffles and precious saffron are used in his traditional and innovative cuisine. Maurizio has teamed up with Luciana over the last few years to offer her Italy tours clients a most wonderful experience with private cooking classes or private dining events. From 2016 he will be offering a  4 day Cookery School programme in conjunction with Touring Abruzzo.

About Marianna & Matteo - Italy Vacations - Touring Abruzzo

About Marianna & Matteo - Italy Vacations

Meet Marianna and Matteo from San Vito. The newest additions to Luciana’s Italy tours team are so very welcome. Having first met in Australia through an Italian article (Confidenze) on Luciana and Touring Abruzzo, their friendship has continued in Abruzzo. Both hailing from the Adriatic coastline, they make a perfect dynamic duo and great hosts when visiting Abruzzo. Marianna is a qualified pastry chef and has worked in Brisbane, Australia in several Italian restaurants. She has now returned to Abruzzo with more passion and a zest for life and is keen to share her culinary skills with traditional Abruzzo dishes with our guests.

``Touring Abruzzo with Luciana - You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend``

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