Why Choose Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours
Many people dream of having a vacation in Italy, but going from the dream to the reality isn’t always easy. That’s why so many people choose to enjoy their vacation in Italy with the help of a high quality tour and travel guide like Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours. If you’re planning a vacation in Italy, here are a few reasons you may want to consider Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours yourself.

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Our Italy Tour Packages Are The Best
There’s hardly a lack of Italy tour packages available these days, but there is a pretty big difference between the quality of what’s on offer. When you’re looking at taking a vacation in Italy, you want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality Italy tour packages, not just crowded group trips that offer little value. At Touring Abruzzo we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality Italy tour packages with small groups and a focus on the individual experience.

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We Provide Authentic Italy Vacation Packages
Authenticity is such an important part of visiting a destination, and visitors want to know they’re getting to see the real Italy when they travel. That’s why Touring Abruzzo is so happy to offer the most authentic of Italy vacation packages. We have a strong focus on using local guides and knowledge to ensure the Italy vacation packages we offer are a unique and authentic experience. If you want the Italy vacation packages that give you a chance to see the true Italy, it’s Touring Abruzzzo who offer them.

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Italy is truly an overload on your senses! The tastes smells and sights Italy offers will stay with you for a lifetime.

We Offer A Variety of Italy Travel Packages
Many Italy tour guides offer only a limited number of Italy travel packages, which means you need to keep trying to find new providers if you really want to see more of Italy. This isn’t true at Touring Abruzzo, where we offer a wide range of Italy travel packages to suit any preference. From long trips to day trips, and covering many of Italy’s best and most impressive regions, our Italy travel packages are guaranteed to take your breath away.
This is just a few of the many reasons that it pays to choose a trustworthy tour provider like Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours to take you to Italy. Our satisfied customers cannot speak highly enough of our service, and we look forward to making you one of them by helping you experience Italy like never before.

A Wealth of Italy Vacations With Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours!

For those who dream of taking a trip to Italy and seeing all that ‘The Boot’ of Europe has to offer, there are Italy tours to suit everyone at Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours. Our tours of Italy stand out from the rest for their authentic, locally-connected guides and insider knowledge as well as the many experiences and locations we visit.

At Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours we believe that everyone’s trip to Italy should be unique to them, and should perfectly match everything they have always wanted to experience in Italy. That’s why we are proud to offer an enormous range of tours to Italy, spanning so much of what the land of pasta and pizza has to offer.

Our wide range of tours take place in several Italian regions including Abruzzo, Basilicata, Puglia, and more. The Abruzzo region is where many of our Italy tours take place. We have Italy tours that encompass all of your senses, exploring the tastes of the Abruzzo area, the unseen backroads of the villages, and the unique cultural offerings of Abruzzo and its people.

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If you’ve already seen Abruzzo, why not choose from one of our other Italy tours, such as those exploring Puglia or Basilicata. These are the tours of Italy that will totally immerse you in Italian culture and heritage. There are endless tastes to sample, artisan products to try, and unique towns and villages to wander in with our expert guides. Yes, our tours to Italy allow you to see it all!

If you can’t choose between Abruzzo, Basilicata and Puglia, why not avoid missing out by choosing to take our Treasures of the South tour, the best in our tours to Italy. This tour takes in all three of these stunning southern regions, allowing you to see Italy as you never have before with our Italy Vacations.

Outside of the main regions we cover you could take a wander down the Amalfi Coast on our stunning coastal tours of Italy ore explore the beauty of Lazio and Campania on our ‘Treasures of the Appian Way’ tour. Alternatively, if our longer tours do not suit your itinerary, get in touch about a customised private tour that provides a truly personalised experience. Italy has so much to offer, and no trip to Italy would be complete without a quality locally-guided tour from Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours.

Italy Tour Packages – Travel Italy

To come to Italy is the dream of many. Australians are great travelers and Italy and France are on the top of their list for their European vacation.

Italy’s 20 regions are so diverse from north, central and southern Italy.

The grand tour of Italy almost always includes the obligatory stops in Rome, Florence and Venice. To see these great historic cities are a must, however with it comes many crowds and tourists and queues of people waiting to see the same places.. People holding guide books and iphones, reading the same notes, pushing to see similar sights, it can often be daunting.


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If you travel off the beaten track and east of Rome towards the Apennines and the Adriatic Coast you will get to Abruzzo.  A region which has everything you dream of for an Italian vacation… minus the crowds.


Here are some reasons why Abruzzo has it all:


Book Your Next Trip To Italy – Visit Abruzzo:

Abruzzo has so much to offer from National parks, great Mediterranean coastline and beaches, ancient hilltop villages harbouring traditions and cultures as well as a great variety of cuisine.

Here you can immerse yourself in the freshest air, live like a local and meet real Italians who will welcome you with a smile.


Italy Vacations – Hike Abruzzo:

A region in Italy with 3 National Parks is quite unheard of.  Abruzzo is truly the green heart of Italy and being only 3 hrs east of Rome, you can be a world away hiking in the spectacular Gran Sasso National Park where the highest peak of the Apennines looms.

It is a sanctuary for wildlife such as chamois, wolves, bears, royal eagles and otters.


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Italy Tour Packages – Eat Abruzzo:

Indulge in wonderful traditional dishes rarely seen on tourist menus. Menus only written in Italian or restaurants with no menus at all, just what is fresh on the day. The Slow Food tradition is alive and well and food travels only kilometres to arrive at the table. Exquisite truffles abound here and after a private truffle hunt you can indulge in an excellent truffle degustation. Our Italy tour packages include the finest Italian food so that you can indulge in the tastes of traditional Italian dishes.


Italy Vacation Packages – Drink Abruzzo:

The Abruzzo region is one of the top 5 producers of wine in Italy.

Here you can meet the producers and visit the winemakers and enjoy fine Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red wine. Included in our Italian vacation packages is tasting the finest wines from traditional Italian winemakers.

Amalfi dining in Italy

Vacation In Italy – Explore Abruzzo:

Abruzzo needs to be explored- wonderful secrets need to be discovered which often lie behind closed doors.

To meet a cheesemaker making great pecorino sheep’s milk cheeses, to cook Italian food with a local Abruzzese lady in her home or to meet a goldsmith  who creates great pieces in gold filigree are all waiting to be experienced. Book a vacation in Italy today with Touring Abruzzo Italy Tours.


Italy Travel Packages – Photograph Abruzzo:

With 65% of this mountain region boasting hilltop villages and the perfect backdrop of the Apennines it is a photographer’s paradise.

The quiet alleyways, ancient churches and stunning countryside dotted with olive groves and vineyards are all images of real country Italy. We make sure that you visit these cultural areas in our exclusive Italy travel packages.


Tour Abruzzo Italy:

In Abruzzo English is not widely spoken and travelling to Abruzzo is not about ticking off historical sites and buildings but immersing yourself in the real Italy which is not always accessible to the mainstream tourist. However for those discerning travellers Touring Abruzzo with Luciana offers a truly up close and personal insight into an authentic Italy.

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I have been reflecting lately on what I have created over the last 13 years. It seems like yesterday that I put my dream out there of touring Italy and rediscovering my Italian heritage and specifically my Abruzzo heritage. Now it is well and truly a reality and am so delighted that I have been able to show hundreds and hundreds of wonderful guests and often friends now – the great sights of Abruzzo Italy. The phrase that keeps coming back to me time and time again and that I hear from my guests is that “This is the Italy that we have been searching for”!

And it certainly is – to see an authentic and unspoilt Italy to tour an Italy off the main tourist paths and see Italy with only a small or handful number of guests is a truly special experience.

Also being a daughter of Abruzzo and having a direct link to the Abruzzo land and its people makes it extra special to show guests what I have experienced and the people and family whom I know so well. After having researched everything in minute detail and bringing guests new and unique experiences gives me a great buzz also. I always look for the different and the unusual and feature the best of everything especially the great artisans who make Abruzzo and other parts of Italy so special.


Italy is truly an overload on your senses! The tastes smells and sights Italy offers will stay with you for a lifetime.
Italy is truly an overload on your senses! The tastes smells and sights Italy offers will stay with you for a lifetime.


Indulge in home made spaghetti alla chitarra in Abruzzo Italy
Indulge in home made spaghetti alla chitarra in Abruzzo Italy


I want to share with you a series of photos I took of FIAT 500’s or as we call them FIAT BAMBINOS! From Sulmona, Archi, Pescara, Milano, Matera and Lecce I see them around often and they always put a smile on my face!

Time to get away from it all on your trip to Italy!
Time to get away from it all on your next trip to Italy!


Italian vacations on the road less travelled
Italian vacations on the road less travelled


My Vacation in Italy took me to Milan Expo in 2015
My Vacation in Italy took me to Milan Expo in 2015


Fun at Milan Expo 2015 on my recent Trip to Italy!
Fun at Milan Expo 2015 on my recent Trip to Italy!



Enjoy these great Fiat 500 or Fiat Bambinos on your next Trip to Italy!
Enjoy these great Fiat 500 or Fiat Bambinos on your next Trip to Italy!

Luciana’s tour packages to Italy not only cover Abruzzo but in the last few years they also include some southern Italy regions such as Puglia and Basilicata. Her team of wonderful guides are on hand to assist and help create the best possible experience for all the guests, all year round.

There is time to sit and watch the world go by on your next vacation in Italy.
There is time to sit and watch the world go by on your next vacation in Italy.


Discover the road less travelled in Abruzzo Italy.
Discover the road less travelled in Abruzzo Italy.


The stunning beauty of Lago di San Domenico near Scanno in Abruzzo Italy
The stunning beauty of Lago di San Domenico near Scanno in Abruzzo Italy






As the Carnevale season approaches in the next week.. these are typical sweets made throughout Italy. Each region has a different name for them.. In Abruzzo we call them CROSTOLI, in Puglia and elsewhere they are CHIACCHIERE! Here is the recipe on this link..looking forward to making them soon with my guests in my next cooking class!
Follow this good recipe here and make your own for this coming Carnevale time:



Chiacchiere (photo courtesy of culinariaitalia)






Luciana Masci of Touring Abruzzo is pleased to announce the 2017 dates – check here to see the extensive and exciting range now available.
Her tours to Abruzzo are still going stong and soon in 2017 she will be celebrating 13 years in Abruzzo! Fortunately the number 13 is good luck in Italian – so plenty of great adventures will be coming your way.
ABRUZZO – the popular 4, 8 and 10 day programmes are always are feature of an Abruzzo journey with Luciana and her team. However in recent years there has been a great demand for private or custom touring. This way you can be sure to travel at a time and date which suits you and of course you will have exclusive and personalised attention by Luciana and her team.
The other wonderful service provided by Luciana is HERITAGE and ANCESTRAL SERVICES in Abruzzo.  Many guests from USA have contacted Luciana and with careful planning and constant communication with the guests, the fabulous and emotional experience of reuniting with one’s village in Abruzzo and also with living family there as well is just priceless and so rewarding. Look here to see Joe reunited with his family in Scerni,  southern Abruzzo after 55 years!  This is the biggest turn out I have experienced as well. 
PUGLIA – 2017 promises to be a great year for travel to Puglia. Explore the heel of Italy and discover the authentic charm of the rural interior to coastal seaside towns of the Adriatic.
The September 24 departure “TREASURES of PUGLIA” (10 days) is proving to be popular and there are spaces available here. This programme takes in 3 bases of Polignano a Mare, Ostuni and Lecce where guests can relax with 3 nights in each place. This tour programme is fully escorted and offers a truly comprehensive programme, where you will have 10 days of touring starting from 9.00am on Day 1 to well into the afternoon on Day 10. You will also have time in the afternoon to relax and unwind before more visits in the late afternoon / evening.
BASILICATA This exciting new destination in Italy’s deep south is the one to watch. In the next few years Basilicata will explode with interest, as in 2019 the town of Matera has been awarded the “EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE” award. 
Visit now before the rest of the world discovers Basilicata. Luciana and her team have thoroughly researched this unknown region over the last 2 years and now there are 4 and 8 day programmes to choose from. 
“TASTES of BASILICATA” tour is a 4 day short stay to give you a taste of this region from its food, wine, artisans and great history. This programme is based in the magical town of Matera.
“BACK ROADS of BASILICATA” tour is a more comprehensive exploration over 8 days. Here we add on 3 nights in Forenza where we stay in a boutique farmhouse with its own in fabulous house restaurant.
Melfi has great medieval charm…
CAMPANIA – AMALFI area: Another great programme to consider is the newly researched tour “DIVINE WALKS of the AMALFI COAST”. Details to be released soon for the MAY 11 and SEPTEMBER 11 departures. The 5 day programme promises to impress as it is for the walkers who love to explore Italy’s natural wonders and rich historic towns. Led by qualified hiking guide, Rosa there will be 3 medium walks planned spanning from Ravello to Amalfi, walks in a gorge passing an ancient and still functioning paper mill, as well as the famous Walks of the Gods, which hugs the spectacular Amalfi coastline. There are also cultural and foodie inclusions such as visiting wine makers, ceramic producers and exploring fabulous gardens and the historic centres with all their treasures. CONTACT LUCIANA for more information.
Explore Villa Rufolo at Ravello along one of our walks on the Amalfi coast.
Touring Abruzzo is proud to announce it’s TRIP ADVISOR listing and already has many reviews.
All guests who travel with Luciana Masci and her team have had memorable experiences and are willing to share it with others. Her passion for Abruzzo is evident as well as her attention to detail and truly personalised service.
READ HERE to access the latest wonderful reviews now online.
Whether you visit Abruzzo for a private day tour, revisit your ancestral village or come one of Luciana’s set tour departures there is something for everyone to take away in their hearts. Her local knowledge and access to an authentic village Italy experience …that only local can provide!
The Piaggio APE is a 3 wheeler designed in Italy in 1948. You may not know but the engineer and designer behind the much love APE was from ABRUZZO! Yes Corradino D’Ascanio hailed from Popoli, near Sulmona and he also invented the VESPA and aircraft!  So the first Ape were virtually a Vespa with 2 wheels added to the back and added a tray at the rear as well. So an affordable means of commercial transport was born. Today it is still seen around the villages and I remember my cousins in Ripa Teatina in the 1970’s using it to go to the fields and sell at the markets.
Today I see many young ones who have converted their family’s APE into a modern piece of transport.
Others have created wonderful commercial activities out of them, like food trucks.
I love the APE used as a milk van! Which one do you like? The original ones were 50 cc, 125 cc and you can get 150 cc and 175 cc as well..
Love this Ape used as a milk van!
Also to transport milk around the property!
How about as a removal service! My 15 yr old friend has found his new vocation.
Gotta love this one… pretty in pink and selling pizza with mortadella!
Here is my new 2016 brochure for your perusal. It is 4 pages filled with exciting new tour itineraries and destinations.
You will find my small group tours to ABRUZZO – are going strong and still very popular, after 12 years.
TOURING ABRUZZO is proud to work with a great team of professionals who make my work a pleasure.
* Tastes of Abruzzo 4 days of fun, food and the best of Abruzzo. A great taste!
* Back Roads of Abruzzo – 8 days on the roads less travelled in Abruzzo. Amazing and live like a local for a week! 
* Grand Tour of Abruzzo 10 days of immersion in the culture, food and traditions of Abruzzo. Pure magic!

Ask Luciana for more information and see the dates from May to October this year.

Remember that travelling to Abruzzo with Luciana is an ALL INCLUSIVE experience.. There is virtually nothing further out of pocket to spend once you sign up for a tour programme. 
ALL GROUPS ARE SMALL and NEVER EXCEED 12 GUESTS – usually there are less (average 4- 8 guests)
After extensive research with wonderful guides and learned archeologists, Luciana can now offer fabulous new destinations in Southern Italy:
  • PUGLIA TOURS choose a programme to suit you in this splendid part of Italy’s heel.
  • BASILICATA – the beauty of Matera and timeless atmosphere will leave you mesmerised..
  • LAZIO & CAMPANIA – follow the Appian Way from Rome to Naples and discover its treasures..
MEET FABIO – your tour escort in Puglia and Basilicata.
Born in Lecce, Puglia – 
Fabio is an archeologist has always had the passion for art and history. Working in this field he has had the possibility to travel extensively (Egypt, Romania, Italy) but he mainly works in his own region of Puglia, the place he loves the most. Fabio is ready to share with you his passion and knowledge of this beautiful region. Be prepared to take in breath-taking landscapes, great traditional food of Puglia, full bodied wines, cities of unexpected beauty and unforgettable experiences. Touring Puglia has never been easier with such a tour guide.
Fabio speaks fluent Italian and English and he will be your driver/guide during your stay in Puglia where you will feel as part of his extended family. He has joined Luciana’s team in the last 2 years and bring you the best of Puglia and Basilicata as you travel on the path less travelled…

Photo from Museo di Alezio site
Currently as an archeologist, he is the curator of a wonderful archeological museum in the Lecce province. He has catalogued and researched the history of the local pre Roman peoples, the Messapi. Through the necropolis and tombs found dating back from the 6th – 2nd  century BC – beautiful ceramics, bronzes and gold jewellery have come to light.
Meeting local artisans in to of the way towns…Confetti producers here!
Together we have discovered wonderful artisans  who create wonders with bread, confetti or sugared almonds.. We have met passionate jewellers, chocolatiers, paper mache’ artisan Claudio, even fabulous artisan weavers who are reviving ancient looms with traditional Pugliese designs. I bought a rug (red and white wool) a couple of years ago and it is one of my most prized possesions!
Connecting with local artisans and found great treasures – local weavers in Puglia.
All part of the research…where to take guests for morning coffee!
On research mission with Fabio – Discovering the beauty of OTRANTO in southern Puglia
On a field trip researching the hidden and lost village of CRACO, Basilicata.
It is so good that I have found Fabio and we work together as a great team bringing ideas, experience, knowledge and above all passion to show our guests true village Italy and lesser known but great gems off the beaten track.
We have developed 4,8 and 10 day tour programmes which cover just Puglia, just Basilicata and now a combined 10 day journey featuring the best of Abruzzo/ Puglia/Basilicata!